uberPOOL Launches In Singapore Tomorrow

Sharing is caring, people. From 1 July 2016, uberPOOL, Uber’s ride-sharing service, will be available in Singapore – which means that you’ll now be able to share your Uber ride with others heading in the same direction, and you’re doing your part to ease the congestion on the limited Singapore road space, too.
So this is how it works: when you book your ride, you’ll be able to choose the uberPOOL option, then enter your destination and hit the request ride button as usual. The app will then match you with one other Uber user heading in the same direction, and they will either already be in the car when you start your trip – you’ll see their name appear on the app in advance – or be picked up along the way while you’re on board (you’ll also be notified on the app). Uber promises that whether you’re first or second to board, having to share the ride with someone else won’t add more than a few minutes to your journey.


The best part of this is, your Uber ride becomes more affordable since the fare for the shared part of the route is split between the passengers, and you can expect savings of up to 25%. And this saving will apply even if you choose the uberPOOL option, but it happens that no other passenger is picked up during that ride – definitely a handy trick to save on the fare if you book a ride during odd timings.
uberPOOL is available from 1 July 2016. In conjunction with the launch, new sign-ups to Uber get $20 off their first uberPOOL ride.