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June 7, 2016

It’s the biggest brow-focused launch we’ve seen yet – from the end of June, Benefit Cosmetics will be launching a full-fledged brow collection with 9 products, each made for different brow needs but all with the same aim, which is to bestow upon us brows that are nothing less than perfect.

Of course, the snazzy metallic packaging is entirely fresh; as for the products, the Gimme Brow volumising fibre gel and the Brow Zing shaping kit are familiar to us, and that means there are seven completely new launches in varying formats for a range of purposes. We understand if you might be feeling intimidated by all of these – we also never knew all brows could do with so many products – but we’re here to guide you through each one, with tips courtesy of Benefit’s Global Brow Expert Jared Bailey on how to use them properly.


BROWVO! Conditioning Primer, $49


Bailey tells us that a universal brow problem is sparse brows, something faced by women all over the world, as Benefit has found out. That’s why they created this primer, as he explains: “What’s great about this is if you have sparse brows and you use this in the morning and at night, just one click dispenses the formula which has soy and keratin products inside, which are known to make hair thicker.” Apply it before the rest of your brow makeup, as well as just before you go to bed, so it can work its brow-thickening magic overnight.


Goof Proof Brow Pencil, $42

goof proof

It’s exactly as its name implies: it’s really quite impossible to mess up your brows with this automatic pencil. “Patchy or uneven brows are very common –  some people have scars, or holes, or things in their brows,” Bailey tells us. “So we created the Goof Proof Brow Pencil that is a filling and shaping pencil with a custom teardrop tip on the inside, that actually helps to both fill the brow and add definition.” There’s a spoolie brush on the other end of the pencil too, so you can fill in, shape, and blend all with one tool – and that’s why it’s goof proof.


Ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Brow Colour With Brush, $42


For brows that are more high-impact, we turn to a more pigmented cream-gel formula like this one. “It’s all about buildable drama,” Bailey says. “We built the brush right into the cap, and you can sculpt and define any type of brow look you want with it.” Bailey also calls this one “a makeup artist’s wet dream”, since it’s versatile enough to create a whole spectrum of brow looks, depending on how much is layered on.


High Brow and High Brow Glow Highlighting Pencils, $39

high brow 1 high brow 2

Yes, it’s important to highlight your brows as well – don’t estimate how a little bit of highlighter above and under the brows can really make them stand out so much more. High Brow is a linen pink shade that’s more natural and is able to match all skin tones, while High Brow Glow is a champagne pink if you’re looking for something with shimmer.

If it’s the Korean straight brow look you’re aiming for, Bailey says you can use the High Brow under your brows, starting from the eye and blending it outwards to the ends, so you get a crisp line at the bottom.


Ready, Set, BROW! 24-hour Invisible Shaping & Setting Gel, $42

ready set brow

Since we set the rest of our makeup to keep it in place, it makes sense that we set our brows in place as well – we don’t know why it took so long for someone to come up with a product like this. But we’re glad Benefit finally did, with this clear gel that keeps your painstakingly-filled in brows in place for a full day, with a cleverly-designed brush that has long bristles on one side to coat brow hairs evenly, short bristles on the other side to sculpt the hairs in place, and a precision tip to define the narrow ends of your brows.


Precisely, My Brow Ultra-Fine Defining Pencil, $42

precisely my brow

This is as thin as brow pencils get – the ultra-fine pencil tip is meant to create hair-like strokes, especially useful if you’re trying to boost sparse brows. The grip on the pencil body has been made to ensure a steady hand, and there’s a spoolie brush on the other end to make blending easy. Again, if you’re trying for those straight brows: Bailey says to have your brows more structured at the bottom, and have a more “feathery” look at the top – and that’s where this pencil can come in, to fill in brow hairs near the top in the most natural way possible.


Brow Zings Total Taming & Shaping Kit For Brows, $56

brow zings

Aside from the fancy new packaging, the Brow Zings kit is still pretty much the same on the inside, just with three new shades and a redesigned brow brush. On one side, the brow powder is handy for creating bolder brows, and on the other, the wax helps keep brow hairs in place, if you’re looking to keep the look real natural.


Gimme Brow Brow Volumising Fibre Gel, $42

gimme brow

The iconic fibre-laden brow tint gets a packaging makeover and a new shade, making it as handy as ever for faking naturally-full brows. If your brows are in real need of a volume boost, go ahead and layer a few coats of this.


3D BROWtones Subtle Brow-Enhancing Highlights, $42

3d browtones

This one is Bailey’s favourite of the range, and we have to say it’s the most exciting launch of all. Essentially highlights for your brows, Bailey tells us this can add dimension to your brow look like no other product can. “It has this pearlised formula on the inside, and the viscosity is not like mascara or a gel even, it’s more like a glaze,” he explains. “So you see your natural brow hair colour through it, and it gives highlights and lowlights and dimension to your brows, creating this contrast – and there’s nothing really on the market like it.”


Benefit Cosmetics new brow collection, available at Benefit Cosmetics counters and Sephora from 23 Jun.