June 15, 2016

Gone are the days where keeping fit simply meant a feel-good stint on the treadmill, or sweating it out with power squats – these days, if you aren’t keeping track of your progress, you might as well not be making any at all.

But we’ll leave the tough-love barking to your personal trainer. Instead, take it easy and have a leisure browse through our top picks from Withings – guaranteed to boost your fitness efforts; and pretty to look at too. First up in this mini series: Activity tracking watches.



steel-frontal_black  Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 6.15.40 PM

Now here’s a bit of arm candy that’s bound to put even your fanciest sports watch to shame. For everyone who’s always wanted an event-appropriate watch that still does the job of tracking your fitness activity, the Activité Steel is a sure winner, with its 316L stainless steel case, chrome hands and double-domed glass. Working on a minimalist design, the watch bears no buttons or protrusive lights; instead, an analog subdial gives you a straightforward look at your daily activity progress – which you can also track on the Withings Health Mate app, through clear colour-coded graphs detailing everything from your sleep cycle to how many calories you last burned. Even if you aren’t on a fitness jaunt, 24/7 automatic activity tracking ensures consistent monitoring, which is always useful to have on hand afterwards.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 6.14.50 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 6.12.30 PM


For a more casual option, spring for the PVD-coated silicone Activité Pop watches that bring back great memories of the jelly snap watches of our childhood; but offer no less durability and smart functions than its steel chrome cousin. Available in a whole range of sports strap colourways, there’s something for everyone – still, we’re unabashedly partial to the sleek, steel black timepiece that’s sure to stand out in a crowd, whether you’re scaling Everest or rubbing shoulders at your next company social.

Activité Watches, $259 to $299, available online at Ban Leong, Challenger, iStudio & Airport Duty Free stores.



Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 6.35.50 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 6.37.16 PM

If you prefer keeping it real with compact, no-frills smart accessories, the Pulse O2 more than does the job. Made to cater to various levels of fitness regimes and styles, the Pulse O2 features advanced tracking every step of the way, to help you be more active and improve your health – whether you’re a gym junkie or just a fitness amateur starting out. In the day it captures steps, distance covered, and calories burned – the usual stuff you’d expect from any smartphone health app; at night, though, the watch comes into its own, monitoring your sleep cycle and measuring heart rate and blood oxygen level. Revolutionary, given the tiny pocket-sized make of it – but the wealth of data at hand (and the ease of which it was collected) will definitely empower you to make more informed choices.


wear-it-round-1         wear-it-round-2


And versatility is key here! The Pulse O2 is ultimately just a portable screen – so attach it on its own to your belt or pockets, or drop it in your purse (like a pack of gum!), if you’d rather not wear it together with the adjustable watchband. We also appreciate the user-friendly features – easy touch-screen swiping, seamless Bluetooth syncing, and once again, automatic data syncing to your phone, using the Health Mate app. Really, it almost makes us want to start exercising again.

Pulse O2, $159, available in Blue and Black online at Ban Leong, Challenger, iStudio & Airport Duty Free stores.