Black feature

June 28, 2016

Call it a bad habit, but I tend to reach out instinctively for a black piece amongst other brightly-coloured clothes on the same rack. There are so many benefits of wearing black – it’s slimming, easy to match and stain-proof (great for messy eaters). The only downside of hoarding black pieces is that it is so darn tough to find a particular piece that’s stashed among all the other dark clothing in my wardrobe, because they all look the same – from far that is. And the biggest downside of wearing black is having to face face endless questions from friends or even strangers, “isn’t black boring?” Wait, hold up. I’m indignant. Black is never boring, at least in my mind. But to ward off all the colour-loving fans, here are some ways you can wear all-black and still look relatively fun.

1. Layer appropriately


Asos, $84.06. Zara, $39.90.

Wearing separate black coordinates can be tough sometimes, especially when all your black clothing look the same. To avoid the risk of looking like a boring and shapeless black mess, play around different textures, shapes, lengths and fabrics and match accordingly. Here’s a general rule of thumb: if you’re wearing a tight-fitting top, pair it with loose bottoms of a different texture (pleats are our favourite) and of course, vice versa.

2. Details!


Zara, $39.90. Topshop, $46.90.

The key to pulling off an all-black coordinate lies in the details of outfit. Whether it’s separate pieces or a dress, unique designs, no matter how tiny, make a huge difference. From the classic lace and crochet to fun ruffles or intricate embellished details, your black coordinate will be anything but boring.


3. Accessorise

Asos chokerTS42Z01KBLK_Zoom_M_2

Asos, $17.70. Topshop, $36.90.

The best part about wearing an all-black outfit – accessorising. Pairing black with hints of glistening gold and silver will lend sophistication to your look. To avoid looking too sullen, add colours to your coordinate with coloured shoes or a simple bag. Go ahead, go wild.

And in case anybody still asks why you’re dressed so solemnly, you can proudly say: