June 21, 2016

When you’re working up a sweat even after walking just 100m from your doorstep, it feels like all the effort you put into your face goes to waste. Why bother! Apart from the erratic rain these days, we can feel the weather literally heating up, especially true if you happen to be travelling overseas this June, so the question is… how do you go about your daily skincare (and makeup) routine, without breaking a sweat? Rest easy, we’ve got some key ways to combat the heat — add them to your routine, stat.





1. Always moisturise your face — but rely on a lightweight formula

Of course, during the hotter months, you might hate the sticky feeling of something on your face, especially because of the excess sebum — the key though is balancing that out with the appropriate amount of hydration. And no one wants heavy creams that add extra shine! Go for something as famously lightweight as the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, that immediately penetrates into your skin, hydrating and nourishing it, when it’s patted on lightly. It contains over 90% Pitera, the magical miracle ingredient that moderates the cell renewal cycle so you’ll feel fresh-faced, with crystal clear skin, all the time.





2. Lots of SPF is great — and so is a targeted product that deals with sun damage

We always, always recommend sunscreen, so that should already be in your daily routine, but sometimes, you need something that specifically counters the damage from us being exposed to harmful UV rays, specifically the dark spots and dullness that unceremoniously spring up over time. Try adding this serum to your routine, the SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence, which has the Pitera-infused GenOptics Aura Complex, along with Prunus Extract and Inositol, that deal with sun damage and melanin production within our skin, while increasing clarity in the cells too. What you get, after some due diligence, is radiant skin you’ll be proud to show off!





3. Mist it up!

So your skin probably needs some refreshing in the middle of the day, but you’re already loaded up on foundation and the works. What’s a girl to do? The key is using a fine hydrating mist, something like the SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence, that can be sprayed over makeup, while giving your skin the hydration boost it needs. There are two things we particularly love about this: first, the packaging’s unfussy and slips conveniently into our bags, and second, the mist goes on really light and fine, so you know there won’t be any lingering droplets of water sitting atop your makeup.




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