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June 28, 2016

Props to you, if you religiously schedule in Brazilian waxes to keep things fuzz-free and perennially bikini-ready. Not that there’s anything taboo about grooming the bikini area; by now, people hardly bat an eyelid at the idea of going for a Brazilian, and they’ve become as commonplace as your regular facial or manicure session.

Why you have our respect if you wax regularly is because of how much it hurts – skin in that area is sensitive enough as it is, and having hair pulled out so quickly can be quite the nightmare for those without a high pain threshold.


(We sincerely hope no innocent therapists have been hurt during your waxes.)

Even if you’ve switched to the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) route, sure, burning out your hair by the follicles using concentrated light energy is a whole lot less uncomfortable than waxing, but there’s actually still going to be resulting heat energy emitting from light that intense, so the bottom line is, when you’re directing all this light and heat energy down there… you’re still going to squirm.


But it looks like we’ve finally found a hair-removal solution that even those with a non-existent pain threshold can take: behold, STRIP’s Powerpac IPL machine, which promises to be completely painless. The upgrade over the previous IPL machinery lies in the gradual heating system, so the energy is released in multiple passes instead of in sharp bursts: so you’ll no longer feel like quick bursts of fire are consuming your hair follicles, but in its place is a warm sensation that allows you to finally be able to relax – something previously quite unheard of when it comes to Brazilians.

Other factors that contribute to this new level of comfort include the Powerpac’s special cooling system that helps absorb any residual heat on the skin surface, and the machine’s larger applicator (5cm instead of the standard 3cm) to cover a wider surface area at each application. And if you still need to be convinced about the merits of ditching waxing for IPL, the biggest draw factor to us is this: fewer Brazilian sessions. IPL works by weakening hair at the follicle level, and hair growth will be reduced by up to 80% after a few treatments; so if you keep it up, in two years you only need to perhaps go for about six sessions.


All the reason to give it a go: from now till 31 August 2016, purchase a voucher for a STRIP Brazilian IPL first-time trial at a one-time price of $58 (usual price $642 for 50 minutes), valid for up to 2 months from the date of purchase. Purchase your voucher at this link.