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July 7, 2016

Cotton really is the most common material when it comes to clothing, and given that we wear so much of it on a daily basis, it’s about time we put more thought into the kind of cotton we’re allowing to fill our wardrobes. MUJI’s ahead of us on this, as the brand has already been making its clothes out of top-quality organic cotton, while keeping prices more than fair. No reason not to switch to organic cotton now.


It’s a material that’s nothing short of necessary, and is surely the one that occupies the most significant amount of space in your wardrobe: cotton, the most ubiquitous material in these tropical climes. Versatile enough to be made into that soft tee you’ve been sleeping in for years, to your favourite shift dress that can be so easily dressed up or down. If we had to choose to live in one material for the rest of our lives, cotton would definitely be our pick.

And that’s why we appreciate how MUJI is putting so much effort into their cotton – it’s completely organic, which means they are grown only in cotton fields that haven’t used a single drop of chemicals in the cultivation process for at least three years. Instead, the farmers have devised an all-natural way of keeping the pests away: growing ladies’ fingers and sunflowers nearby to lure insects there, and spraying ground-up garlic and herbs on the crops to disinfect them. As if all that wasn’t enough effort already, ripe cotton is only harvested by human hands, which means yes, the farmers pluck the cotton fruit one by one.

Why go to all the effort if the result doesn’t differ vastly from non- organic cotton? To MUJI, it’s simple: it’s about doing things the right way, and that means not harming the environment and the living creatures that inhabit it. It’s a philosophy we can all afford to get behind.

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With everything that goes into producing organic cotton, it’s only right that brands will charge a premium for it. But MUJI has won our hearts by bucking this trend and incorporating organic cotton into their apparel line without heftier price tags. All the reason we need to stock up on their polo dresses and short-sleeved shifts in neutral shades and classic patterns, for the days when there’s just no brain space for coordinating our tops and bottoms. But even the separates go with anything, with the crew neck tees in flattering cuts, and stretch shorts that have an entirely casual vibe, yet no trace of sloppiness. Which all means that yes, you should be filling your wardrobe with multiple pieces of the same design in different colours and patterns – and since they’re all made of the good organic stuff, there’s hardly a reason to feel guilty for shopping.

MUJI Organic Cotton range, $12.90 to $49. Available at MUJI stores and on