July 5, 2016

Ever scrolled wistfully on Instagram, wishing you could somehow get your hands on certain foreign beauty brands the rest of the world seem to be enjoying? We have; which is why we were beyond stoked to stumble upon some of Instagram’s most hyped about drugstore makeup brands, available right here at John Little in Singapore, and at super pocket-friendly prices. Be warned though, that the products on offer are mostly past-season or “older” products – which makes sense, given that even the upscale international beauty brands stocked at Sephora take time to update their offerings. Bonus tip: John Little @ Jurong Point is having a huge blowout moving-out sale (think up to 90% off) till the end of the month, so you might want to pop down soon for a quickie makeup haul.


BH Cosmetics


Image from Instagram

This one elicited the loudest (internal) scream from us; BH Cosmetics has been making waves in the American drugstore beauty scene for years now, thanks to its affordable makeup brushes and dirt cheap eyeshadow palettes. Here, you can find decently pigmented palettes for under $20, along with the usual lipsticks, blushes, and the like.


L.A. Colors


Chances are you can find these occasionally at a pop-up Watsons atrium sale, but for a more permanent alternative, head to John Little to check out L.A. Colors and their incredibly priced makeup. The lipsticks and eyeshadow pencils retail impressively below $10, but we quite fancy the 3D blush-contour palettes – affordable, straightforward, and handy to chuck into your purse for when you’re heading out.


Studio Makeup

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.30.35 AM

Probably the most professionally packaged at the store, the Studio Makeup goodies are all sleek black packaging – and look like they could be easy dupes for MAC. Along with a wide variety of foundation, concealers, and powders available for a range of skin tones, the brand also boasts a large selection of single eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes. Their most famous product? An all-encompassing Nudes Palette.




Image from Instagram

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen the name floating around on the Internet before – Australis is an Australian (surprise, surprise) beauty brand that’s a great alternative to try for all fans of Western makeup. It’s available online at certain local sites; but nothing like swatching the goodies in-store to get a firsthand feel to make better shopping decisions. The offerings at John Little include up-to-date bronzers, contour palettes, and matte lip creams – all of which go for under $15 before discount.