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July 14, 2016

With everyone’s favourite Broadway Beng beginning it’s run today, and Pangdemonium gearing up for a production of Rent set to debut this October, we’re counting down five musicals we can’t help but adore; whether they’re brand new, off-broadway, or even adaptations of novels and TV shows.


Matilda: The Musical

You know when a cast is so talented it makes your jaw drop? Well, apply that logic to a huge cast of young kids, and you’ll be walking away from Matilda truly speechless. While the story takes a couple turns from the beloved novel by Roald Dahl, that’s probably what makes it such a brilliant adaptation; it’s able to capture the heart and origins of these characters, while still doing it in a way that’s logical for musical theatre. Funny, warm-hearted and truly triumphant, you definitely can’t miss out on this show.



While most of the original broadway cast have bowed out gracefully from the show, Hamilton is still going strong, and we sure hope it does. Based on the life of American founding father Alexander Hamilton, writer, lyricist and original cast member Lin-Manuel Miranda has created a truly revolutionary musical – just listen to the soundtrack and you’ll understand.


Something Rotten

Welcome to the Renaissance…as you’ve truly never seen it before. Inspired by Shakespeare – sort of – this musical will take you on a truly fourth-wall breaking journey. Laden with numerous pop culture jokes and even taking the time to jab at the genre of musicals themselves (see: their performance at the 2015 Tony Awards), Something Rotten follows the life of two brothers as they attempt to rise to the top of fame in Shakespeare’s footsteps, but will all go according to plan?


Wicked: The Musical

Okay…you know we couldn’t leave this one out. While you may think you’ve probably heard every song from Wicked a million times – and who’s to say you haven’t – seeing this show in person is truly an emotional experience. From the intelligent references to the original body of work the show is inspired by, to providing sincere, multidimensional stories for the cast of characters, Wicked will truly change your life “for good”.


Kinky Boots

While probably a little more unheard of on our shores, Kinky Boots is definitely making waves on Broadway, partly thanks to a rise in interest in Drag culture thanks to shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race! Based on a BBC documentary television series-turned-film, the musical explores ideas of legacy, family and embracing who you are. With music and lyrics by none other than Cyndi Lauper, you can bet you’ll be strutting your stuff to this show’s soundtrack long after you see it (or maybe even in your anticipation).


Featured Image: The Cast of Kinky Boots Performing Live at the 2013 Tony Awards (YouTube)