July 13, 2016

Sometimes, we just can’t bring ourselves to fork over that little extra cash for manicures or pedicures. Or maybe we just prefer getting our nails done in the comfort of our own home, or maybe just experimenting with styles that might make a manicurist’s eyebrows raise. But either way, we all get hit with some serious nail envy from time to time. That being said, changing up your nail polish look might be easier than you think. The secret? Some magical top coats.

INM Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat

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The galaxy-print craze may have faded for clothes, but everyone loves a bit of stardust when it comes to nails. The great thing about the INM Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat is that you can layer on as much as you want for an even more infinite universe on your nails, while leaving a simple single layer can also help maintain that high-gloss shine. Plus, it supposedly dries in seconds! Bye bye, awkward moments of standing around doing nothing for fear of chipping our manicures. Available at

OPI Matte Top Coat

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Like matte lipsticks, it’s hard to imagine a time (or place) where having matte nails wouldn’t work to give your look that extra edge. While everyone loves the look of a black matte french mani, the OPI Matte Top Coat works perfectly with any colour. Experiment with different shapes to give your nails extra depth if you feel that a plain matte look is too boring for you. But for us, it’s definitely a statement all on its own. Available at


Starrily Eclipse Top Coat

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Consider this top coat the superhero sister of the INM Northern Lights top coat, just look at that perfect holographic effect! Use it over any base colour – although in this case, we recommend black nail polish, just to help the colours pop a whole lot more. Who says rainbows can’t be subtle and chic? Available at, although it’s sadly out of stock at the moment.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

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If all else fails, we figure that the essential top coat is one that keeps everything in check, and these two contenders have proven worthy as the unbeatable champs. The Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is a particular cult-favourite, sealing your mani off with a healthy sheen while simultaneously strengthening your nails against chipping and peeling. After all, no matter how pretty the top coat, the point is that it stays as perfect for as long as possible. Available at Sephora.