Places To Get Your Bagel Fix

If you, like us, are avid fans of American TV shows, then you’re definitely aware that bagels are a big deal in the Big Apple. Since not all of us have yet gotten the chance to experience going for a daily “bagel-run” in New York City, there are still some places here on the lonely island that serves pretty good bagels. We’re not talking about frozen bagels you could easily get from the supermarket, but fresh and warm bagels with different fillings and flavours that you’d definitely fancy.
1. Two Men Bagel House

2men pizza begal

Opened by two men (duh) and conveniently located in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore’s first bagel house has been highly-lauded for their wide variety of fillings, freshly baked bagels and fuss-free dining. Their bagels are interesting, to say the least, considering how you can choose your bagels that are plain or flavoured – a wide variety that includes caramelised onions, sea salt and garlic. For the toppings, either opt for sweet “schmears” (we’re talking about so many different types of cream cheese) or the savoury “bagelwiches” that are definitely the yummiest looking things you could ever feast your eyes on. And here’s the cool part: there’s a pizza bagel too. Yes, that’s right – generously filled with chipotle tomato based sauce and pepperoni, it’s a beautiful combination of both of our favourite kind of carbs into one. Besides, they have a great instagram-worthy neon sign for you to unabashedly take several hipster shots, with a cup of coffee at the side too, of course.
Two Men Bagel House, No. 16 Enggor Street Icon Village Altez #01-12, 8am to 7pm (weekdays); 9am to 6pm (weekends).
2. Sacha and Sons

Sacha and sons

A “New York Delicatessen”, Sacha and Sons is aesthetically designed to look like a typical New York Deli. Though it looks rather simple, the flavours from the bagels and ingredients do pack a punch. Specialising mainly on a typical brunch fare, you’d get the quintessential smoked salmon and cream cheese with a side of scrambled eggs. Or if you’re feeling extra ravenous, they do serve meat along with the bagels for an extra hearty meal. With its generous portions and great location, it’s definitely a place to keep in mind.
Sacha & Sons, Mandarin Gallery #03-02.
3. Wild Honey

Wild honey

If it’s brunch, Wild Honey is definitely on the list. One of the pioneers of the brunch craze in Singapore, Wild Honey serves expensive but quality food, of course. If you haven’t already known, Wild Honey names their dishes appropriately after the specific place they drew inspiration from. Aptly named I Love NY, this sesame bagel is accompanied with a side of scrambled eggs and smoked sturgeon, smoked salmon and caramelised onions. Okay we know, its owners are also the people behind Sacha and Sons, but this place is definitely for those who have meal companions who aren’t that interested in having bagels for breakfast. Besides, Wild Honey’s Tunisian is something you have to order too, while you’re at it.
Wild Honey, 6 Scotts Square #03-01 and Mandarin Gallery #03-01,