July 25, 2016

Even after swearing by some beauty products that we know we’ll never replace, we still always find ourselves reaching out for even more make up, even if they are really unnecessary. Well, the heart wants what it wants. It’s difficult to not succumb to temptation when it comes to these products that are so beautifully packaged they are a piece of art on it’s own. We’ll admit that sometimes, it’s not the inside that counts – but the packaging it comes in. Here’s our list of aesthetic beauty products that we’d think will look great not only on your shelves, but in your photos as well.


Milk Makeup

from instagram.com/milkmakeup.

You might not have heard of Milk Makeup, but the packaging definitely stands out from what we’d consider as conventional beauty products. Based in America, this eco-conscious brand boasts products that are made from natural ingredients including hydrating oils, fruit and vegetable butters, and they contain minimal to no preservatives as well. We’d like to think that their transparent and minimalistic packaging does indeed reflect the brand’s emphasis on keeping their products natural and clean. Also, these products are “brush-free”, since their products are well-equipped with either sticks or rollerballs that glide easily on the face. Talk about low maintenance.

Milk Makeup, milkmakeup.com.



aesop aesop2
from instagram.com/aesopskincare.

We’re sure Aesop needs no introduction. Known for their skin care products, their bottles that are reminiscent of medicine bottles are clearly reflective of their plant-based ingredients. If you’ve ever visited any of their stores, you’ll know the true definition of bathroom goals right there.

Aesop, aesop.com/sg/


Hourglass Cosmetics

hourglass 12534287_933930416654081_1905261029_n
from instagram.com/hourglasscosmetics.

Hourglass’ highly-lauded products are known to make your skin glow to say the least, but its beautiful packaging gives off a luminous sheen too. These immaculate bronze and silver cases feature a real minimalistic logo, and their brushes are packed in a bronze casing too. We don’t know about you, but these iridescent cases are enough to set our hearts aflutter.

Hourglass Cosmetics, available at Sephora.


Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

rt realtechniques
from instagram.com/realtechniques.

We all need brushes for our daily make up routine, so these metallic brushes are definitely not just for your frivolous aesthetic pleasure. We’re used to Real Technique’s soft and fluffy brushes in their iconic colourful packaging, but with these metallic brushes and white tips, we’d consider getting a whole new set of brushes.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection, available at Sephora.



glossier2 glossier
from instagram.com/glossier.

These tubes have been highly-raved about throughout the internet and YouTube, but we’re pretty sure most of us are immediately drawn to the tube’s design, rather than the actual benefits of these balms. The brand features clean white and light pink designs in the perfect floral boxes that we’ll definitely not trash this time round.

Glossier, glossier.com.