July 8, 2016

BOUNCE has recently graced our shores with an adrenaline arena that includes a huge trampoline park, Singapore’s first indoor adventure course (X-Park) and the internationally famous Leap of Faith. Hailed as one of the world’s best indoor adventure parks, we were real excited when we finally got the chance to visit the arena. Not to worry if you’re not exceptionally sporty or fit (neither are we!), their friendly staff will be present at each station to help you out. To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up some of the segments we tried out at BOUNCE Singapore:


Free Jumping Arena


Basically a huge space for those who just want to do some casual bouncing and playing around – which was great for us newbies. The both of us sheepishly creeped into the area enclaved by children, and the staff at the station patiently taught us the basic skills of bouncing; yes folks, bouncing isn’t as simple as we all thought it was. It was embarrassing when we found out that we were incapable of bouncing as enthusiastically as the children who were effortlessly performing special tricks, while we were left struggling.


The Wall

For those of you who are more experienced or just have greater guts, you can move on to The Wall, a zone specially made for stunts and tricks. The trampolines in this area are different than the ones in the Free Jumping Arena; they are specially made for performing and practicing intense stunts and movements.


But don’t worry about completely failing, though. Their helpful staff will always be present to assist you in case you have difficulties, or any interest in learning a new trick. Reina kindly taught us how to do the “sit jump” trick – where we bounced and sat back before jumping up again. Sounds easy, but both of us had a hard time learning this seemingly easy trick. After a few tries… Amanda did it successfully.


While we were struggling to pick up this simple trick, Reina showed us another trick that many professionals do – “Wall Running”. Safe to say, we felt very useless after witnessing her do it so effortlessly.



Slam Dunk



A mini basketball court in the arena, you can practise slam dunking here, because let’s face it, not many of us are capable of doing so without the help of a trampoline. If you’re petite or a complete sports noob like me, you wouldn’t even be able to jump high enough (even in the kids section) to touch the hoop. I’m guessing many of you might be scoffing a little now, but hey, you go try!


Trampoline Dodgeball

Ok so dodgeball’s fun yet difficult… but with a trampoline? It’d be pretty hard to dodge any balls coming your way while trying to maintain balance on the trampolines.




Big Bag


Meant for you to practice your stunts and moves, the trash-looking bags are there as a safe landing spot. It’s a great place for practising flips, spins and any other cool stuff you can’t do at home. We felt safer and more confident to go crazy, knowing that there’s a soft spot to cushion our fall. Needless to say, we were our wildest here.





Our favourite segment of the entire arena, an adventure park reminiscent of the one on Ninja Warrior. The park features several obstacle courses such as a balancing beam, rock climbing, the spider climb, flying fox and more challenging courses. Be warned: you might feel extremely old here; the park certainly speaks out to agile and nimble children who are more fearless than we are.


After excitedly but painstakingly going through the entire course, we’d say that the hardest obstacle to go through would be the swinging hoops. Sure, they may look easy, but the self-proclaimed monkey bar expert that I am failed this course. It was embarrassing for us, unfit and inactive folks, to get through the park – what with the gazes from the adrenaline-high children around, with their incredible sense of speed. Nevertheless, it was a good time we spent there laughing at our incapabilities.

We definitely had a great time at BOUNCE Singapore – but a warning to all you unfit folks like us; you will definitely ache the next morning.



BOUNCE Singapore, from $19 per pax (adults) and $14 per pax (children), Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #09-01 Singapore 239695.