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July 11, 2016

Rejoice, for the H&M Orchard Building store is set to become a new beauty mecca from next month, once H&M Beauty at long last becomes available in Singapore. There’s been a whole lot of hype since the news was announced, and even now, not all the details with regards to the specific products are available yet, but we’ve seen and heard enough to be able to pick out the things we’re zooming in straight on once the goodies finally hit the shelves next month. Here’s what we already know we’ll be stocking up on.


Precious Glow Metallic Lip Colour

precious glow

If Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits and Instagram have proven anything, it’s that metallic lips are the next big makeup obsession. The first H&M Beauty drop will include this limited edition lipstick range, the Metallic Lip Colours, and the six shades are all about high-impact colour like a dark brown that revives the 90s lip, and a full-on pure yellow gold if you really want to have your lips really dazzle.

Price TBC.


Nail Colours


H&M tells us there will be 200 shades of nail polish to choose from, so where do we even start? Most probably from these earthy and muted tones that basically never go out of trend. You probably already own a good number of neutral nail colours, but the off white and cinnamon shades in the above photo are unexpected colours you can add to your collection for your next painfully chic manicure.

Price TBC.


Conscious Beauty Lip Balms

lip balms

Of course there’s going to be a Conscious Beauty line too, given that H&M does Conscious Fashion lines regularly. When it comes to the beauty products, these are certified organic, and come packaged in minimalist designs that are all made from recyclable materials, so stock up without feeling guilty. We’ve got our eye on the tinted lip balms that come in blueberry, vanilla, lemon, ginger and raspberry flavours, that come in tubes that look luxe, but without a luxe price tag.

$12.90 each.


Conscious Beauty Body Washes

body wash

Our bathroom shelf is also about to look a whole lot chicer, once we get to stock up on all the body care products that make up the majority of the Conscious Beauty selection. These Body Washes, and the rest of the body care selections, come in two scents, Vitalising and Relaxing, the first more citrusy with notes of mandarin, grape and lime, and the latter more calming with lavender, vetiver and rosemary.


H&M Beauty is available at H&M Orchard Building from August 2016.