Funky feature2

July 13, 2016

Sometimes life can be pretty boring trying to nail that perfectly minimalistic or monochromatic outfit daily. Being creatures of habit makes it difficult to venture out of our little comfort zone where our fashion sense has become in sync with the conventional styles and trends we’re so used to, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it can get pretty dull – staring at our monotonous stash of clothing, they all start to look the same after awhile. The huge dilemma hits us – we can’t just parade around in godawful outfits just to look a little different. Enter the bold, loud and funky accessories. They allow us to be wild and unique for once, while adamantly still maintaining our “acceptable” fashion sense, and our sanity of course.

1. Jewellery

Earrings topshopnecklace

Topshop, $19.90. Topshop, $33.90.

These loud and bold designs will definitely stand out, especially if you’re clad in black or white. The tassels and intricate embellishments are also a plus point.


2. Bags

gold clutch Unicorn bag

Nasty Gal, $69. Asos, $11.06.

Ditch your boring black purses and clutches for something as cute and dazzling as these on your nights out, and you won’t look the same as everybody else on the streets.


3. Sunglasses

Bimbaylola sunglassesQuay

Bimba Y Lola, $234. Quay Australia, US$55.

Reflective glasses make the perfect accessory to take selfies with. For one, they reflect light, and they occasionally make great standby mirrors when you have no time to whip out your phone or a pocket mirror. Handy.


4. Tech

tassle charger Fries charger

Urban Outfitters, US$26. Nasty Gal, $58.

Ok we know, these are impractical, especially so when the delicious-looking fries portable charger looks like it weighs a ton. But really, we can’t bear to say no to these, especially since they look much more attractive as compared to the dull gadgets we see in electronic stores. However, we’ll admit that it’ll be much harder to go on a diet with this charger casually sitting in our bag everyday.


5. Shoes

15127a, $34.50.

Pom poms might have been the hype for past seasons, but this pair of sandals is just an adorable combination of crazy colours and everybody’s favourite tie-up laces.


6. Patches and stickers

Zara clutchsticker pack

Zara, $39.90. Zara, $14.90.

A great way to inject creativity and individuality into your outfit. These stickers look especially great on plain coloured bags and jackets.