July 26, 2016

These days, it’s hard to stay away from social media sites. With all your favourite celebrities, friends, colleagues and even your family members staying in touch on social media platforms, you’d also feel compelled to join in the much-dreaded fun. Even though sites like Instagram and YouTube can be fun to dabble with, they do make us spend, rather excessively, on things that we don’t actually need. Call it a genius marketing technique if you will, we’ve all fallen victims to social media’s ill effects, whether knowingly or not.



Ah, YouTube; where time stands still until you’ve realised that you’ve been binge-watching videos for several hours and it’s already dark outside. We all start out with one innocent YouTube video and everything spirals from there. It’s not surprising to get hooked on these YouTubers with clear videos, brilliant editing and let’s face it – pretty faces. If you’ve ventured into the beauty side of YouTube, you’d discover plenty of make up artists and “vloggers” constantly raving about beauty products, filming their hauls (be it clothes or makeup) as well as makeup tutorials that usually include an endless list of product that fall way outside our budget range. From makeup and clothes to shoes, accessories and even furniture, we find ourselves spending more than we should – either to live vicariously through these products, or just because we’re actually really weak at handling temptation.



Instagram is the ultimate black hole – after a little clicks here and there, you suddenly realise you’re stalking a random person with a huge following, even though you aren’t even sure of her actual relevance in the first place. Once you’re hooked, Instagram reels you in by always suggesting these popular strangers on your feed, enticing you to click in and just have a innocent look. But before you know it, you’ve scrolled till last year’s post and you’re wondering to yourself, “I need her dress.” There begins the impossible search of that dress and that outfit she’s wearing – you must have them all!


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Beauty wise, we’re not surprised that some companies are relying heavily on Instagram solely to convey important announcements and new releases – take Kylie Cosmetics, Colourpop and Anastasia Beverly Hills for example. Frequently active on social media, we’re being fed with constant updates on their products even when we don’t actually want to purchase them. Even if there are no new releases, there will always be photos of their current products – be it swatches, flat lays or stunning individuals wearing them; making our urge even stronger, and more urgent (we are weak-willed people). And yes, even if we did unfollow them, some way or another, they will always find their way back. Creepy.


Glow Kit collection #GlowKit @mua.agata #anastasiabeverlyhills
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We’ve recently discovered the dark side of Snapchat and we’re definitely loving it. Celebrities, make up artists and even companies have took on creating live stories that only last a day – so you’ll get that exclusive coverage for just that 24 hours (provided nobody screenshots it). Recently, we’ve seen Kylie Jenner’s viral makeup tutorial that featured the products she uses on a daily basis. Whether it’s a genuine tutorial or a marketing ploy, it definitely had several fans scooting off to the nearest store to get their hands on the products mentioned. Companies like Colourpop have also started updating their Snapchats regularly regarding launch dates and swatches, sending all of us into fits of excitement whenever we see a new update from Colourpop appear on our feed.

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You’d better toss your phone away if you would like to save the extra bucks…or attempt to have better self-control. Either way, social media’s a killer.