athleisure feature

July 14, 2016

Strange, we’d say if we were asked to strut around in workout wear on the streets a few years back. But today, it seems to be socially acceptable for us to be wearing sporty attires out and about, even though we might not be heading to the gym. Following the sudden sneaker trend that caught everybody off-guard (in a good way), we now have the athleisure wear, which without a doubt, complements the whole sneakerhead look. The beauty about athleisure is that nobody’s going to scorn you for dressing like you’ve been to the gym (when in fact, you were at home munching on chips) nor will you receive flak for looking sloppy after a real intense workout. Either way, we’re loving this good mix of both sporty and casual that athleisure brings. Here are some ways you can fearlessly sport the trend (pun intended).

1. Outerwear


Topshop, $159.

Bomber karen


At the heart of the athleisure trend lies in wearing an outerwear. We especially love bomber jackets that give us a heart-throbbing effect; whether it’s printed, plain or has a satin outlook, it’ll look great with almost anything.


2. Go for neutrals

hnm joggersimage1xxl

H&M, $24.90. Asos, $48.67.

It’s definitely hard to match separates, especially when the pieces have to blend in seamlessly for the “sporty yet casual” look. One thing to bear in mind when you’re coordinating your outfits: always go for neutrals. Grey, black, white and nudes – not only do the colours complement each other, they give off a fresh, minimalistic vibe, which is always a plus.


3. Bold graphics or print


Ivy Park on Topshop, $33.90.

We’re not referring to a bright and fun mix of colours. Bold prints can also be monochromatic, and they usually come in the form of big fonts or a simple pattern. The graphic stands out against your clothing, which is great considering how dull monochrome can get.


4. Accessorise appropriately

hat 2764101002_1_1_1

Bershka, $19.90. Zara, $99.90.

Go for sneakers that are either white or black for an effortless outfit coordination in the future. Caps are also great for days when you have stubbornly bad hair, or when you’re returning home without make up after a gym session.