Midi skirts feature

July 8, 2016

It’s easy to forget about the midi skirt – its sometimes length may be daunting to some, and others might find it too difficult to pull off. But we’re all forgetting about what the good ol’ midi skirt can do. It’s flattering for any body shapes and height – making you look slimmer and taller than you actually are. So forget about the fear of not wearing them well, you can pull off anything with just a few simple things to bear in mind.

1. Details

Pleated Midiwrap asos

Topshop, $126. Asos, $55.31.

Try skirts with belt or wrap details that will instantly make your coordinate look more polished and well put together – even if you’re just wearing sneakers and a plain top. Also, skirts like these are especially great for lazy days; its details will definitely prevent your outfit from looking too boring. For a more unique style, we would pick skirts with a subtle pleated design at the side; it’s a seamless mix of simplicity and sophistication all into one.

2. Go for funky colours

printed topshopSplit midi

Topshop, $76.90. Topshop, $106.

Another great way to wear a midi skirt is to pick those with funky prints and colours. Not only are they incredibly easy to style with (just a simple black or white top will do), they are essentially statement pieces that will always stand out even if you’re just wearing minimal accessories and a boring pair of shoes. The plus side? You will definitely not lose sight of them in your clothing stash in the wardrobe – easy for those grab-and-go days when you’re running late.


3. Pick the right shoes

Sandals midi asospleated sneakers

Asos, $44.24. Boohoo on Asos, $39.82.

Speaking of shoes, they are essential to pull off the ubiquitous midi skirt. We’d say that the shoes you pick will either make or break your outfit. The wrong pair will make you look sloppy; defeating the original purpose of the good ol’ midi skirt. Pair your flouncy midi skirts with white sneakers or a pair of sandals for a casual, off-duty look. Alternatively, wear your body-hugging skirts with heels or boots if you’re planning to go all out. Rounded flats are a definite no in our books, as they will only highlight the short part of your legs, and not your entire figure. Ditch them, now.


4. Coordinate accordingly

Denim midiMissguided

Zara, $49.90. Missguided, US$16.90.

General rule of thumb: don’t wear tight cropped tops with body-hugging midi skirts, unless you’re going for a wild night out, or if you have a great figure. If you’re not blessed with an hourglass figure, you might want to skip the tight coordinate and go for something more forgiving – a slouchy top tucked into a tight skirt will look more flattering. It’s also much easier to hide your food baby after dinner.