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July 14, 2016

It’s almost like dunking our heads in a deliciously icy basin of water on the hottest of days: the limited edition Tsubaki Cool Head Spa set is a real treat in this weather indeed.


The Tsubaki Cool range is really something else – the cooling sensation is so powerful that it lasts all the way from the time the shampoo and conditioner go on, to hours after your hair has dried.

But what you really need to be concerned about are the things that can’t be immediately felt, i.e. a damaged scalp and hair courtesy of the heat and UV rays. Higher temperatures cause sebum glands in the scalp to generate more sebum, clogging pores and keeping hair from growing healthily; UV rays, on the other hand, oxidise melanin pigment in the hair, causing it to break down and be discharged. The resulting “melanin holes” cause hair to lose its lustre.

There’s really no winning in this heat, is there? And that’s why haircare like the ones from Tsubaki is so important – besides the key Camellia Koji S ingredient in both the shampoo and conditioner to condition and soften the scalp, rosemary oil in the shampoo clears the scalp of any sebum and dirt. In addition, another compound called the hydroxyethyl urea repairs the hair on the inside, while amino acid derivatives coat the hair cuticle to protect it from the outside. These products also function as sunscreen for your hair, with an ingredient that blocks out the damaging UV rays.

tsubaki set

Clean and refreshed hair also should smell great, and the fragrance notes that include passionfruit, green apple, rose and musk will make you want to completely soak your hair in these products for as long as possible. One piece of advice we want to offer: stock up on this shampoo and conditioner set – it launches today! – because it’s a limited edition range. Summer never ends here in Singapore, however, so you’ll want to be washing your hair with these for as long as possible.


Tsubaki Cool Head Spa set, $29.90. Exclusively available at Guardian. facebook.com/tsubaki.sg