July 15, 2016

Throwback to probably the worst few months of our sauce-dependent lives when the most outrageously loved curry sauce took a four month long hiatus from McDonald’s. We felt the anger, tears and overwhelming emotions for the temporary loss of this humble dip. And frankly, we aren’t sure how we survived that traumatic few months with its absence – those crispy fries and tender chicken nuggets just felt…wrong. Boy, we Singaporeans are sure drama queens when it comes to food.


Then, just when you thought the worst was over, McDonald’s came up with a sauce policy that restricted our unfulfilled dreams of dipping everything with curry sauce, yes everything. Now, our unabashed desires are finally being realised; we’re talking about an actual glorious bottle of the essential Singaporean condiment.

Curry Sauce

No, this is not a drill. We are all screaming internally too. McDonald’s is really letting us embrace our local culture, and setting our diets back by a few weeks, because we’re definitely going to inhale bottles of this goodness. For just $4.50 with any Extra Value Meal, you can purchase this limited edition 375ml bottled Curry Sauce. However, each customer is limited to only 4 bottles of Curry Sauce in a single receipt, but really, nobody’s going to stop you from getting McDonald’s for all three meals if you want to have an unlimited stash of Curry Sauce at home (we won’t judge).


We’re already expecting another crazy queue reminiscent of the Hello Kitty fiasco months back.


McDonald’s Limited Edition Take-Home Bottle, $4.50 with any Extra Value Meal, available from 21 July after breakfast hours in all restaurants (except NTU, NUS, Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic) and via McDelivery.