July 5, 2016

Oils do sound frightening; especially when we spend so much trying to remove the excess oil on our faces. However, we’re talking about natural, raw, organic oils that do have their benefits – and they are much more effective when they’re being used directly, instead of merely just being an ingredient in beauty products. Here are some of the best base oils that can easily be incorporated into your daily skincare regime. Just like other skincare products, its effectiveness are entirely dependent on every individual’s skin and own preferences – so we’ll recommend you to ease into it by conducting a test patch first and remember, moderation is key.




1. Argan oil

Most commonly used in hair treatments, argan oil helps to tame frizz, repair damaged hair and it also gives hair a sheen. Other than hair benefits, it can also be used as a skin moisturiser due to its high vitamin E and fatty acid content. Since it has an antioxidant effect, it effectively helps to restore skin elasticity, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. You can massage a few drops of argan oil directly on your face after cleansing; followed by your night cream so that oil absorbs into the skin effectively. Our favourite way to incorporate argan oil in our daily regime is to mix just one or two drops with foundation or any makeup base, bringing us one step closer to having that natural glowy face.

Try: Physician’s Formula Argan Wear™ Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil, $19.59, sg.iherb.com.




2. Jojoba oil

It’s a miracle oil for the damned T-zone shine that we just can’t hide – especially during flash photos that we can’t run away from during our supposedly fun night outs; until the camera appears, of course. Jojoba oil helps to regulate the skin’s natural production of oil; which is great for those of you ladies who have acne-prone skin. Apply a few drops on your skin as an overnight mask, or as a day moisturiser. Alternatively, jojoba oil works surprisingly well as a natural lip moisturiser as well; just apply a few drops on your chapped lips and you’ll have softer and smoother lips – especially helpful if you’re always wearing matte lipsticks that are extremely drying.

Try: Now Foods Organic Jojoba oil, $27.41, sg.iherb.com.





3. Coconut oil

We know what you’re thinking – coconut oil is technically food. But cold-pressed, raw coconut oil that has been hailed as the miracle must-have for a radiant and healthy-looking skin. On your face, it is a great eye cream (since it’s really hydrating) and it removes make up pretty well; perhaps not as well for your waterproof mascara and eyeliner. For those who aren’t brave enough to slather oil on your face, you can try creating a sugar scrub with just coconut oil ad brown sugar – the oil helps to keep your skin moisturised while the sugar aids in exfoliating dead skin cells; leaving your skin fresh and smooth.

Try: Eco Care Organic Coconut Oil, $25, Sephora.





4. Avocado oil

We all know the smug claim that avocado is “healthy fat” – which isn’t surprisingly considering how many #fitspo Instagram models always have a side of avocado on their plates. With high amount of vitamin E (an antioxidant), it is not only hydrating, but it also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Another great use of avocado oil is to use it as a leave-in treatment on your hair – it helps to strengthen, moisturise and tame your mane. Also, since it has a mild scent, you wouldn’t need to worry about having strange-smelling hair.

Try: Wild Products Avocado Oil, $32, Sephora.