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July 5, 2016

I’ll admit that I don’t spend much time and effort maintaining my brows, hence I wouldn’t know if my brows are perfectly symmetrical or not; not to mention if the arches flatter my face shape. So I was pretty excited to try out Billion Dollar Brows’ products that included a shaping kit, brow pencil and a contouring kit. Here’s how it went:


The Brow Buddy Kit
A first of its kind, Billion Dollar Brows calls this the “ultimate brow shaping tool”, meant to help us achieve the perfect arches.


Honestly, it was a pretty simple tool to use – even though it looked daunting initially. By placing the Brow Buddy against my face with my nose in the center, it showed my where my brows were supposed to start. My brows were a little off – but I followed the tool and drew a line using the white pencil that was included. Next, to find the arch. I extended the tool until the prongs were in line with my iris, and drew another line. The last part was to find the end of my brows, which was supposed to line up with the outer corners of my eyes. By connecting the three points established earlier, I found the outline of my brows.

Tool 1Tool 2

Since I get my brows tweezed professionally quite often, my original brow shape and the outline I drew were quite similar – something I was rather proud of. The Brow Buddy will definitely be a handy tool if you’re not willing to spend on getting your brows done monthly, you can tweeze the sparse hairs that fall outside the lines drawn and you’ll easily get a pair of symmetrical brows.


Universal Brow Pencil
Meant to be an universal shade, the brow pencil promised to flatter any skin tone and any hair colour. The brown was a little light for my usual preference, considering I have dark brown hair – I would have preferred something darker. What I liked was that it was an automatic pencil, which is great news for lazy folks like me who find sharpening to be an absolute chore. It’s also attached to a spoolie brush at the end, essential for naturally looking brows.

DrawingIMG_2016-07-05 17:50:14

I would say that the colour payoff is great, but the pencil was a little blunt. For those who prefer a precise application, it’s always better to get a brow pencil that can be sharpened.


60 Seconds to Contour Brows Kit
A special brow contouring kit? Seems unnecessary, considering how we often just use a highlighter that does a pretty decent job. This kit includes a dual-sided pencil (concealer and highlighter on each end), a sharpener and a smudge brush.



Unlike the name suggests, it sure took me more than 60 seconds to apply the concealer and highlighter above and beneath my browline respectively. I also encountered difficulty trying to blend the thick concealer (props to its rich texture, though) with the brush. Other than finding the whole contouring a hassle, my arches did look more defined, mostly due to the shimmering highlighter that did give my brows a lift. Well, let’s be honest – this can easily be done with your personal concealer, highlighter and a blending brush. Even though there was a significant definition, I would suggest to skip this step, unless you have the time and effort to spare.


Left side without contouring; right side with contouring.


Billion Dollar Brows, available at Sephora in Fall.