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July 26, 2016

The San Diego Comic-Con International was an exciting one this year, with several major comic and film announcements that had us reeling in delight and anticipation. With the influx of trailers, announcements and revelations, it’d be pretty easy to miss out on something amidst the sheer chaos and excitement surrounding this year’s huge event. We’ve helped you summarise the key highlights of this year’s Comic-Con to save you the time and trouble of furiously googling information.


From Marvel

1. Doctor Strange

Aside from being blessed with a trailer of the upcoming season of Sherlock, we’re seeing even more of Benedict Cumberbatch in a whole new light in Marvel’s Doctor Strange. We’re always excited when it comes to seeing new members added to the Marvel film universe, and even more so when it’s Benedict Cumberbatch.

2. Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

Call me Captain Marvel.

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We’ve been waiting a long while for this official confirmation that Brie Larson will be playing Carol Danvers in their first solo female superhero movie. Finally!


3. More updates on Black Panther and Spiderman
Though there weren’t any trailers released for both, each panel discussion revealed further details regarding the films. Black Panther has released the first look of its film logo, and confirmed additional cast such as Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira. Meanwhile, Spidey himself, Tom Holland, joined the stage to promote the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film. Described to be like a “high school” movie, we’re all looking forward to watch young Peter Parker tackle school, adolescence and more importantly, the Vulture.


From DC

1. Wonder Woman

After making an amazing debut in the recent Batman V Superman movie, we’re all thrilled to be seeing more of Gal Gadot in her solo superhero film, Wonder Woman, that’s set to debut in 2017.

2. Justice League

The first teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated Justice League was also revealed exclusively during Comic-Con. You’ll definitely recognise the epic superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, Superman and Cyborg. And yes, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot will also be reprising their roles as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman respectively. This teaser trailer sent chills, in a good way of course.



1. Another trailer for Fantastic Beasts

As if the first trailer didn’t already send us into fits of excitement and lots of screaming. Coming to the theatres this November, we’re already counting down anxiously until the glorious day arrives. Warning: watch out for the nostalgic tears when you hear the familiar Harry Potter tune playing in the background.


2. The Walking Dead Season 7

First look at The Walking Dead’s new season that’s coming up this October. We’re introduced to new characters and several exciting clues that several have already started dissecting, bit by bit. So, spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up on the latest season of the show.


3. New trailers for Game of Thrones and thoughts from the cast
Two new Game of Thrones trailers were revealed during the Comic-Con, and the cast also gave their candid thoughts about the latest season – including Sophie Turner’s most exciting scene and Iwan Rheon’s thoughts about playing the most-hated Ramsay Bolton. Also, if you were wondering why there are only 7 episodes instead of the usual 10, the show’s co-creator chimed the famous line “winter is here”, hence the shoot is delayed until the location looks more like a barren land. Very Game of Thrones style.


4. Kong: Skull Island

Two words: Tom Hiddleston. With yet another revamp story for King Kong, we’re excited to catch this in theatres in March 2017.


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