July 4, 2016

No matter how much of a sloth we can be, we still can’t escape the dreaded routine of sitting down and wearing shoes – and more often than not, we’re too lazy to wear pretty shoes that are far more complicated than we want them to be. We’ve compiled a lazy-girl guide to shoes that you can slip on in a few seconds or so – without even sitting down.

1. Sneakers

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Zara, $69.90. Superga, $79.90.

Laces can be a real hassle. That’s why the lazy alternative are sneaker-like shoes, minus the laces. We’re talking about Slip-On sneakers that give off the same sporty vibe, but are much easier to wear. Also, velcro shoes are another great way to avoid the trouble of tying laces – and no, they aren’t childish. They’ll save you loads of time especially on lazy days; which is technically an everyday situation for us.


2. Boots


Topshop, $96.90.

The easiest way to go from sloppy to polished is to put on a sleek pair of boots that will lend edginess to your outfit. Whether you choose to wear them with jeans or a midi skirt – either way, a pair will take you from day to night, effortlessly. For the fellow lazy folks out there, you’ll only need the classic Chelsea boot. With an elastic side panel and a loop at the back for easy wearing, these ankle-high boots are pretty much the easiest boots to slip in due to the absence of laces, buckles or zips.


3. Sandals


H&M, $39.90. Asos, $44.24.

Can we just talk about how the raging trend of lace-up sandals are so ridiculously hard to wear? It takes around 5 minutes just to even tie up one side – not to mention the amount of effort needed to make sure the laces are aesthetically tied before heading out of home. We’d rather go for sandals that require minimal effort and time. Akin to slippers, slide-on sandals look a lot more presentable and can definitely be worn without commiting fashion suicide.


4. Flats


Asos, $39.82. Zara, $79.90.

Flats are hands down the most essential pair you need to have. Not only are they easy to slip on in the mornings, they are also extremely versatile and simple to coordinate. But of course, there are many different styles to pick from, and its compatibility is ultimately dependent on the structure of your feet, the length of your legs and your height. A tip for petite girls, try to always get a pair of pointed flats with a slight heel – they will elongate your legs and create the illusion that you’re much taller than you actually are. For those who have thicker legs, try to avoid brightly coloured flats – nude ones will always make your legs slimmer and longer.