July 28, 2016

Cold brew is easily the thing now. Without a doubt, you’ll definitely recognise those hipster-looking bottles that have been appearing continuously on the internet, or on your friend’s feed after a typical Sunday of “cafe hopping”. Meanwhile, if you’re too lazy to hunt down for these precious cold brews in obscure places, Starbucks has just answered your coffee woes with their very own StarbucksĀ® Cold Brew.

cold brew

With Starbucks just around every corner, gone are the days you have to search high and low for a good cold brew. What’s so special about cold brew is that the brewing process is a highly detailed one that takes more time and effort, as compared to a normal brew. Starbucks makes the effort to ensure that the Cold Brew blend is freshly ground first, and then combines it with cool water and slowly steeped for at least 10 hours in a Toddy Brewer, an exclusive system that extracts the coffee’s natural flavours to create a coffee concentrate. What you’ll get is a cup of coffee that’s naturally sweet and incredibly smooth, which is great if you’re not a fan of the typical iced coffee that’s naturally brewed.

We’re already expecting better mornings with a green logo-bearing cup in our hands.


StarbucksĀ® Cold Brew, $4.90 (tall-sized), available now at Starbucks.