July 12, 2016

In Singapore, it’s summer all year round. A swimsuit is a must; especially in this blazing weather when all we really want to do is to plunge into the cool waters. But the one thing we hate? The thought of scouring through endless piles of swimsuits, only to find ourselves hating on our skimpy little bikini piece which looks great in photos, but actually restricts any kind of movement. While the pool looks at us invitingly, we’re struck by fear of something coming loose, or even worse, coming off entirely. We thought to ourselves, never again. We want to do a cannonball! Water polo! Swim without a care! So the next time we’re heading for a weekend at the beach or a casual pool dip, we’ll be going straight for these alternatives instead.


1. One-piece

Topshop one piece hnm one piece

Topshop, $59.90. H&M, $59.90.

These might remind you of your childhood days when you were tragically clad in an unflattering black swimsuit that although insanely comfortable, it was not very pleasant to look at. Fast forward to present day, we have a slew of one-pieces that are designed in various cuts and graphic prints – so gone are the days when you associate one-piece swimsuits with wearing a godawful bathing cap. With its body-hugging silhouette, it will definitely highlight your curves, at the right places of course.


2. High necks

Cotton on halter  Hnm tank

Cotton On, $29.95. H&M, $24.90.

They definitely don’t look like the normal bikinis we’re so conventionally used to. Whether it’s a halter strap or a tank top, they are perfect for those who prefer less revealing swimsuits or ladies with smaller chests. What’s more, these will prevent any bikini-related faux pas from happening, especially if you’re involved in vigorous beach activities – no slips or anything, promise. Not only that, you’ll get a resounding nod of approval from your concerned mother.


3. Bustier tops

UO bustier roxy bustier

Urban Outfitters, US$44. Roxy, $66.

Reminiscent of your bustier bralets or cropped tanks, these swim tops are underwired and have molded cups for better support. Also, since they usually extend a little further down the torso, they are a lot more well-fitted than a normal bikini piece. This is especially great for busty ladies who have trouble swimming or moving around in the usual bikini styles, you’ll definitely want something more secure.


4. High waisted bottoms

30648-278_40204-278_f_indigo_3 monki highwaisted

Seafolly, $115. Monki on Asos, $22.12.

No more living in constant fear of your triangle bottoms coming loose or shifting about, especially if they are teeny-tiny ones that barely cover anything. If you’re perfectly confident of your body, we’d say go ahead; but for those who haven’t achieved that ideal summer bod, or are just paranoid in general, trade in your triangle pieces for these high waisted ones instead. These are great for hiding your food baby too, because let’s face it – we’re all going to have that stomach bloat from sipping too much juice or munching on snacks by the beach.