July 21, 2016

Sometimes, you just need to let it all out. But when you’re a teenager, awkwardness tends to get to you, and it can become increasingly hard to really express how you feel, if you even get the chance to. Thankfully, music was there for us – whether we listened to these songs alone in our rooms or on solo train or bus rides, they all helped us feel not so alone anymore – and you can bet that we know all the lyrics to these songs whenever they come on. Care to put your knowledge to the test?


Simple Plan – Perfect

It was definitely hard to decide between this one and Welcome To My Life, but the music video definitely takes the cake for that running into the rain sequence. This wasn’t exactly logistically possible for a lot of us – it’s hard to make a dramatic exit from a HDB flat when you have to wait for the lift – so you can bet we lived vicariously through the actors in the music video. These lyrics definitely still hit us, though, especially when we think about our parents 🙁


Good Charlotte – The Anthem

School is hard, especially when you’re a teenager. Thankfully, Good Charlotte was always there to remind us of what’s more important in life; sometimes you just have to brush your shoulders off and be proud of being different. Also, we’re pretty sure we’ve heard this song used over and over in movies…not that we’re complaining, anyway. It’s still a true jam.

Paramore – Pressure

Whether you’ll admit it or not, we all aspired to have hair as gorgeous as Hayley Williams’. Paramore might be pretty different now – we’re still nursing wounds for their split, not gonna lie – but that flip in Pressure will live on in our hearts forever. Also, do electric guitars really survive being sprayed with any amount of water? We still don’t know.


Fall Out Boy – Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Don’t lie: you definitely tried typing like this at some point, whether it was over text or on MSN Messenger – yes, we know. We’re also pretty sure almost everyone knows the lyrics to the chorus; admittedly, sometimes it’s hard to understand the verses in any Fall Out Boy song. But hey, the music is there when words fail. Also, we still have no idea what the monkey is all about.


Panic! At The Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Hearing all the hype that’s been generated around Panic! At The Disco finally arriving on our shores, you can bet that almost every one of your friends knows at least 90% of the lyrics to this song. It’s definitely one of the raunchier, slightly more controversial videos on this list – that lipstick smear on the bride after she pulls away from the kiss is definitely not a look we want to sport any time soon. One thing’s for sure though: Brendon definitely taught us a thing or two about leaving doors open. Don’t nag us, man, sheesh.


Boys Like Girls – The Great Escape

Almost every teen movie has featured this song at least once, and we can’t say we blame them: the whole thing was pretty definitive of how it felt to be a teenager. The Great Escape helped us imagine ourselves, well, getting away – at least just for a while – which was especially difficult to do when you could feel weighed down by schoolwork, difficult friendships, and life in general. Also, for the record: that girl was so not subtle in using her phone during class. Just saying.


Featured Image: Panic! At The Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies (YouTube)