July 15, 2016

No, that’s not a euphemism for a paper bag over your face. The “Anti-Paparazzi Scarf” or the “Ishu Scarf” – a play on “shush” and the word “issue” – doesn’t exactly make you invisible, until you take a photo with flash, that is. And lucky for most celebs, that’s exactly what majority, if not all, paparazzi do.

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Created by Saif Siddiqui, he came up with the concept when one of his photographs was ruined by a reflector on a bicycle. Essentially, the scarf is made of highly-reflective material, “enhanced with thousands of nano-spheric crystals,” which means that the light from the flash bounces back into the camera and voila, no subject. The scarf currently comes in black, red, and soft grey, and it’s been spotted on celebrities like Joe and Nick Jonas, Paris Hilton, model Winnie Harlow and TV-show host Trevor Noah.

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The scarf even works on video, and the brand is also currently selling ISHU phone cases, which work just as well and let you use your phone at the same time. Siddiqui has also been spotted with an ISHU suitcase, although we can’t tell if it’s actually reflective, or if the print is just an homage to his designs.

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Either way, the classic geometric print alone makes for a perfect statement piece, so even if you do get caught on camera, at least you’ll look good. The anti-flash ISHU collection definitely isn’t cheap, though – after all, it’s aimed at celebs – but if you ever want to disappear (in photos, anyway) this is it.

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