July 29, 2016

We tend to look past the importance of sunglasses – it not only protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, it’s also an accessory you definitely need, whether you’re heading for a holiday or not. We’ve rounded up a few styles that we’d think are necessary additions to your trove of accessories.



H&M, $14.90.

These reflective, tinted lenses are undeniably loud. But though wild, you’ll be surprised at how easy it’ll be to pull these off once you find one with the right colour tint that matches your complexion. Alternatively, silver mirror lenses are always something you can fall back on. Either way, these shades give off a futuristic look that’s really sleek.


The classic


Quay Australia, US$60.

Everybody needs a classic black pair of sunglasses, and especially so if you’re terrified of being stared at for wearing funky shapes and colours. However, with black sunnies, picking the right frame is definitely key here. The wrong ones will overwhelm your face and you’ll risk looking like an unfortunate insect. Pick one that flatters your face shape, a good pair should ascentuate the key features on your face, and not hide them.




Topshop, $39.90.

We’ll admit, these are not for everyone, especially if you’ve got a relatively large or round face. Since aviators are usually thinner and smaller, those with bigger faces might risk looking even more rounded with these shades. We especially love aviators for its thin temple arms and metallic rims – it’s sleek and will appear less harshly on your face.




Asos, $26.55.

Even though these are wildly inappropriate for daily wear, these funky-shaped glasses would still make a good accessory for parties or a casual beach holiday.