July 15, 2016

Rihanna’s never stopping now, is she? Following her debut in Dior’s spring 2015 “Secret Garden” campaign, RiRi has went on for a second collaboration with the luxury label to design a range of futuristic-looking sunglasses.



Released just last month, the collection, aptly named “Rihanna”, features a sleek, metallic frames, reminiscent of those you’ve seen in Star Trek. The sunglasses are beautiful to say the least, but with its futuristic accents and reflective frames, we’d think you won’t be needing any other accessories to complement the look. These will easily make a bold statement on their own. With a combination of Rihanna’s badassery and Dior’s signature eyewear archives, we get a style that’s both luxurious and unique. As you might already have guessed, the collection has been wildly sold, despite its hefty price tag. But since it’s Rihanna, the hype is definitely warranted.

And finally, we get a closer look at the highly-lauded collection in a series of GIFS of Rihanna werkin’ it, as usual.