July 18, 2016

I know, having thick hair is definitely a true blessing, and while I’ve been told often by my friends that they are crazy envious of the sheer volume of my hair, I still struggle tremendously with my ridiculously thick mane. No, I’m not being a brat here, because even though I’m really thankful for this large fluff, these are some difficulties I face, almost daily. Thick-hair girls, you’ll get what I’m talking about.


1. Every morning is a nightmare


It takes me a ridiculous amount of time to get through the mess of my tangled hair in the morning. Not to mention, it gets pretty damn painful too.


2. It takes forever to dry


Here’s something to really complain about. I have friends who are able to dry their hair in minutes, or have their hair dried by just standing in front of the fan. Good grief, it takes me at least a few hours if I’m just air-drying my hair, and a good hour with a blowdryer. Don’t even get me started on the numerous complaints from hairdressers at salons I’ve been to – “your hair is SO thick” – and then, she helplessly asks a few more hairdressers to help out with the drying process. Well, at least I look like I’m being treated like a queen. One can dream.


3. Bad hair days are the worst


Bad hair days are especially bad for thick manes – it will look even more volumised, which is not necessarily a good thing. While you may be constantly finding ways to get volumised hair, my thick tresses on a bad day are reminiscent of a lion’s mane – or a wild bush in the forest if you would. On these particular days, I would tie up my hair or just stay away from the world (if that’s even possible).


4. Spending a ridiculous amount of money on hair products


Because my hair is thick, I use up bottles of shampoo and conditioner really quickly, which can get frighteningly pricey in the long run. And with my frizzy hair, it also means that I have to spend a lot of extra dough on special hair oils to tame it. You can already imagine the pain I always feel when I’ve reached the last drop of my hair product – a frequent occurrence, by the way.


5. Hair styling is tedious
Which is why I hardly do anything to my hair – because it would take me hours to curl it, and these curls have never lasted me an entire day anyway. Also, visits to the salon just to get my hair dyed is never a fun “girly” thing to do, it’s more of a chore really, for both myself and my hairdresser. Suddenly, I’m feeling really grateful for my extremely patient hairdresser that has to go through layers of hair just to apply the first coat of dye. This also means that budget self-dyes are impossible because I can never get an even coat.


6. But with lots of patience and love, thick hair can be pretty awesome.


No worries about having flat or thin hair; or balding when I’m older. And the best part? Having endless braiding possibilities.