July 11, 2016

Truth be told, we’re not usually drawn to cartoon plushies and cutesy t-shirts, but what we’re partial to, and the world tends to go crazy over, are designer toys. With this in mind, few things are as iconic as TO-FU OYAKO, a series of characters whose faces are essentially square blocks of soft tofu. Look past their awkward smiles and obvious association with the kind of food your grandma probably loves, and you’ll find a well-lauded figure founded by Tokyo-based design collective, Devilrobots. They’re really just chameleons who take on many forms, from redesigned Disney or Sanrio characters, to t-shirts, watches, and even toothbrushes, every one of them a limited edition collectible.


So whether you’re a kid, art & design buff, serious toy collector, or anything in between, be prepared to go crazy over the iconic square face, now all over lightweight bags and wallets. Created to commemorate TENERO’s 5th Anniversary, and in order to celebrate the brand’s desire for combining fashion and art, the TENERO x TO-FU collaboration perfects the casual, everyday look while exploring what “wearable artwork” really means.

Sure, you get fun, quirky prints on functional bags that are easy to carry around, but only the most eagle-eyed observer (or you, since you’re reading this now) can tell that this happens to be a specially-designed character created just for the brand. Among the TO-FU characters tumbling about the print, there’s a unique backpack-toting TENERO TO-FU that sports the “T” logo and the brand’s iconic teal colour, right down to its freckles. It’s hip to be square, indeed – now more than ever.

GT7A9379 GT7A9377 GT7A9316

TENERO x TO-FU collection, priced from $69 to $179, available at all TENERO outlets.

Photographer: Gladys Soh
Styling: Jessica Ho
Model: Krystal Yeo