July 28, 2016

We’re finally getting our hands on military grade timepieces by the Switzerland-based Military Watch Company. Besides being a timepiece supplier for the military, police forces, anti-terrorists units and more, MWC has a range of aesthetic watches that are made of components of superior quality. Here are some of the timepieces that you might want to get your hands on, because well, if it’s made for the military, there’s no doubt about its resistance and durability.

Automatic A11 1940s WWII Pattern Military WatchGG-W-113 US 1960s Pattern Military Watch (quartz)

The A-11 1940s WWII Pattern Military Watch (left) is an automatic watch inspired largely by the original World War Two design from 1943 while the quartz GG-W-113 US 1960s Pattern Military Watch reflects the specification that was set out by the US Government for Infantry watches. Both feature a classic design that will definitely go well with any coordinates.

G10 Stealth PVD Plated with Battery Hatch
This stainless steel PVD Plated G10 Stealth watch comes in a beautiful matt black finish, that is made via a special chemical PVD plating process that promises long-wearing quality. Since it’s meant for use by the Special Forces, it’s definitely resistant and well-equipped for any heavy-duty activities. So if you’re a heavy user, you needn’t worry about any of that darned wear and tear.

G10 LM Military Watch with 12%2F24 Hour Pattern NATO Dial with PVD PlatingG10 LM Military Watch with 12%2F24 Hour Pattern NATO Dial in Olive Greenaccessori mwc g10lm silver military watch olive strapaccessori mwc g10lm silver military watch olive strap
This particular G10 LM Military Watch with 12/24 Hour Pattern NATO Dial features impact resistant glass, which not only makes it resistant to scratches, it also gives the watch a sleek shine and clean appearance. In Olive Green and Black, there’s an incredible night time visibility with a glow in the dark function, thanks to Super-Luminova. Also, the ones in Black Strap, Desert Strap and Grey Strap are the latest G10 models that have screw strap pins, allowing you to switch easily between watches designed with civilian spring pins as well.

-MWC Kampfschwimmer (Military Diver)
With an additional crown protection, wider strap and a thicker bezel design, MWC really takes it up a notch with the MWC Military Diver that boasts a more durable casing than the others, making it the watch for heavy duty. Even if you’re not a diver like the name suggests, the watch’s intricate detailing and oversized silhouette makes it an aesthetic accessory on it’s own. Besides, a watch with an added protection is always a plus – especially for those clumsy folks.

MWC Desert Vietnam DesDes l MWC Desert Vietnam DesBS l
Available in 4 colourways with muted palettes, these Limited Edition US Desert Pattern Vietnam Watches are identical in appearance as those worn by the American troops during the Vietnam War. Well, with improvements of course. While still maintaining its appearance and weight, these watches are now constructed in full metal, as compared to plastic ones worn by the military in the past. Can we also talk about how the beige hues are really just the perfect colour to adorn?


MWC Military Watches, from $119, available now at select Anté stores.