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July 13, 2016

As someone who has resigned herself to eternally short and stick-straight lashes, I’m skeptical about most lash products, be it curlers or mascaras. Of course I use shu uemura’s cult eyelash curler and as promised, it does the job of curling my lashes temporarily; but to be honest, when my lashes are so short anyway, there’s only so much it can do. And when it comes to mascaras, I take any lengthening or volumising claim with a hearty dose of skepticism – it’s not them, it’s my eyes (damn you, hooded lids).

Of course, I’ve also tried mascaras that come with lash-enhancing fibres, but those haven’t been especially successful either. So when local makeup brand Faux Fayc’s Fauxlash Mascara Duo made its way into my hands, I thought this was going to be another one of those. But upon closer inspection, this one is different: it’s made to be applied after mascara, and is a duo set consisting of a “Transplanting Gel”, and a tube of “Natural Fibres”.


It promises to bestow upon my measly lashes a 300% increase in length and thickness, for a “drama like effect”. It’s also marketed as a more convenient and natural-looking alternatives to falsies, which is great for me, because tackling sticking on false lashes is just too much for the mornings.

This is how it works: after your regular mascara goes on, let it dry, then apply a generous coat of the Transplanting Gel. While that’s still wet, coat lashes with the Natural Fibres on the tips of lashes, then apply the Transplanting Gel again to set. Repeat as many times as you like, depending on how dramatic you want your lashes to go.

The fibres used here are jet black, and come in small, fluffy bits. They blended naturally into my lashes, and yes, the 300% claim is pretty legit.

With mascara only

With mascara, Faux Fayc Fauxlash Mascara Duo

This nifty duo has indeed proven to be a shining ray of light to my seemingly hopeless lashes, so kudos to Faux Fayc for getting it right.



Main image: fauxfayc.com. Faux Fayc Fauxlash Mascara Duo, $39. Available at the Faux Fayc store at #B1-32A Plaza Singapura, Naiise stores, and on fauxfayc.com