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July 14, 2016

Ah, yet another week of living for the weekend. But never fear! Nostalgia is here once again to help you combat the pains of Thursday. This week, we look back at the old-school website games we grew up with. You know, when you still didn’t have your own computer, and you had to fight with your siblings over control of the keyboard, or maybe just sneak a quick gaming session while your parents were finally out of the house? Yeah, we all know that feeling.



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Who could forget that intense guilt we felt whenever we came to our pet and found them starving or worse – dying? Definitely not us. But we were always so desperate for food that we wound up making as many trips to the soup kitchen as possible, or spending all our money spinning the wheel of fortune just for something good. The actual site doesn’t seem to have changed much, so if you ever feel like taking a serious trip down memory lane, this is it.


Club Penguin

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If you weren’t on Neopets, you were probably here, at Club Penguin. And who didn’t love being a penguin, honestly? From raising puffles to the various missions for those lucky enough to be PSA agents, there was so much to do on this site. Currently, everything’s a little different because the site got sold to Disney, but it’s definitely still active if anyone wants to visit and re-live those childhood moments.


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It’s hard to determine how popular this site was, but Miniclip was one of the many websites that held hundreds and hundreds of games all in one place, and it was definitely easy to end up spending more than an hour or two desperately trying to level up. Some personal favourites include the surprisingly frustrating Sushi Go Round and the ever-amusing Extreme Pamplona, although we’re not too sure if they’re still active on the site. Either way, it still holds hundreds of un-played games…just saying.

Disney Games


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Definitely a guilty pleasure of ours, it was easy to waste a whole day away playing the various games on Disney’s website. If you were a huge fan of any Disney show, particularly The Suite Life of Zack and Cody or even Hannah Montana, you’ll probably remember a handful of these games. After all, if there was anything just as good as watching the show, it was being able to “help” the characters in their own little worlds. To compare it in the “adult” world, it was kind of like being able to watch a spin-off show with all your favourite characters, only you had some control in the ending of the episode. The actual Disney website has a whole bunch of different games right now, of course, with the new wave of shows, but you can find them floating around if you look hard enough.


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