TV fashion feature

July 7, 2016

There are endless American TV shows we are currently binging on, and especially so when there is a large variety of great shows readily available now. So what makes a good show? The casting, plot or the character developments? We’d say all – but we also can’t help but pay special attention to the characters’ dressing as well; because let’s face it, it’s not just about fashion here, it’s really about how their individual styles represent their unique personalities. So kudos to all costume and set designers out there, but we’ve wrapped up some of our personal favourite female style icons on TV. And trust us, it was a tough choice to make.


1. Alice Vaughan from The Catch

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Other than being a fiercely successful corporate private investigator, Alice also dresses as brilliantly as she is. We’re always impressed by the way she handles herself even in the worst situations possible – and how she manages to do so with a stunning lip colour, signature false lashes and gorgeous hair.


2. Cookie from Empire


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What a strange name, we all thought when we first caught Empire. But okay, Cookie’s definitely as unique and sassy as her name already suggests. After being in prison for 17 years, Cookie returns to find that her husband, a former drug dealer, has turned their family business into a successful entertainment business. Being deprived of their success, Cookie’s determined to get her fair share of wealth and revenge; in the form of loud animal prints, crazy fur coats and funky accessories. Even though we’ll admit that we honestly won’t wear any of these flamboyant outfits, Cookie’s got the attitude and guts to take on the entire world with just her wardrobe alone.


3. Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl


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Our all-time favourite fashion icon throughout television history – S. Aside from the obvious queen B, Serena’s fashion style is considerably more timeless and sleek. It’s no surprise though, set in the Upper East Side, these upper-class adolescents were blessed with wealth and a ridiculous wardrobe. We spent most our teenage years having our self-esteem taking huge plunges whenever we caught Serena sashaying around like a true beauty queen; glittering dresses, adorable winter coats and her iconic school uniform (damn we need those knee-high socks). And that blonde hair! Her relationship with Nate! Her closeness with Chuck! We would have died to be Serena. Ugh. But sadly, let’s admit it – our wardrobes will never be as posh as Serena, ever.


4. Gloria Pritchett from Modern Family


Feisty and strong-headed, Gloria is known for her loud voice and attitude. It’s not surprisingly that she’s always seen in fitting dresses and loud prints, reminiscent of her eager efforts to be noticeable. We especially love her always on fleek makeup, her dangle earrings, sky high stilettos and plunging necklines.


5. Donna Paulsen from Suits


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Arguably the best secretary around, Donna’s not only the wittiest and most sarcastic one in the office (other than Harvey), she’s also always sophisticatedly dressed – making corporate fashion seem more stylish than it actually is. With her iconic structured dresses, bandage skirts and crisp blazers, Donna kills it in the office even if it’s already late at night – because the lawyers in Suits don’t ever seem to leave the office at all.