WATCH: THELIONCITYBOY and Benjamin Kheng Team Up For "YAYA"

Following the digital release just a few days ago, we finally have a music video for THELIONCITYBOY’s latest track YAYA featuring Benjamin Kheng of The Sam Willows! The love song takes its name from the colloquial phrase “yaya papaya,” playing on the idea of simultaneous affection and frustration that someone can feel in a relationship. Featuring a gorgeous house and a super-inviting swimming pool, you’ll also probably recognise local celebs like Munah Bagharib (of Munah and Hirzi fame), Trishna G., and of course, Aarika Lee (it’d be kind of awkward to release a music video for a love song without featuring your wife, no?).
Also, a heads-up to TLCB fans: THELIONCITYBOY will be performing at the upcoming Ignite Music Festival on 29 July, and his full-length album “Paradise” will be available in August.
Until then, you can catch the video here: