July 8, 2016

Here’s a disclaimer: not everything that comes into the office is great. Every now and then we get an iffy product you’d think twice about bringing home for a test run – but we do it anyway. Today’s beauty oddity of choice (not really) – the Sephora Water Cleansing Glove.

Sephora Water Cleansing Glove

“It’s magic!” the back of the packaging claims. Other bold promises include effectively cleansing and removing makeup from the face, eyes, and lips, and leaving the skin soft and clear – simply by wetting the microfiber glove and rubbing it over your face. The instructions for use were literally that: wash the glove, wet it with just warm water, and run over the face. I really wish I could tell you it came with more details – fine print, maybe, on how exactly this glove could remove impurities without the use of any makeup remover or oils; but there were none. Can you really blame a person for being skeptical.

Thus began the nerve-wracking makeup removal process, with a heart full of doubt and a palm-ful of soft black fluff. The glove was comfy against the skin; but let’s be real, it was pathetic. I suppose it took my base and blusher off, but considering I’d only worn sun block and day cream today, that’s hardly an accomplishment. Pretty sure it did absolutely nothing for my eyebrow pencil too, which even tissue can remove.


And don’t even think about lipstick – I was wearing a light, berry-coloured matte balm that, though longwearing, can usually come off with a light hand. I had to forcefully pseudo-exfoliate my lips just to try to get the colour off, and ended up with gross pink bits flaked off all over the glove – which is pretty unhygienic to put back onto your face, especially for a “reusable” glove. And that was just a balm; imagine how completely useless this would be on a liquid lippie.

The worst part of all was that it shed everywhere. For journalism (!), I pushed on and endured the bits of black fluff that clung to my face the moment I began rubbing, but it was hard to ignore when it started raining over my sink too. At the end of the whole process you’re left with a barely cleaned off face, worn out skin from all the rubbing, and so much black fluff on your face you might as well start your own skin disease epidemic.


The glove is meant to be washed with soap and water, or in the washing machine, after every use. After that, you can go back in to remove the next day’s makeup once more – if it dries in time, that is. In a word: don’t. Please don’t subject your skin to the torture of a poor quality skincare regime just for the novelty of trying a cleansing glove, or even because it’s a “lazy” alternative. You’re much better off sticking to your regular makeup removers and cleansers, because the skin on your face is not something to fool around with. Plus, you save all that time spent on scrubbing your sink clean of black fluff afterwards too.


Sephora Water Cleansing Glove, $16, available in Sephora from 15 September 2016.