July 21, 2016

Starving yourself isn’t the only way to lose weight and the French have proved it. Home to yummylicious food (think croissants and pastries!), France is a must-go destination of many Singaporeans. But how is it that many of us put on a few kilos and just get ‘fat’ even from a short trip to France but the French women manage to stay slim (not to mention effortlessly chic) despite eating the high-calorie but ‘die die must eat’ local delights every day? Puzzling indeed, right?

Well, the difference lies in our approach. Think about it, when we want to slim down, we’d either torture ourselves with ridiculous diet plans or jump onto a grueling workout plan, albeit only to give up a short while after, right? Good news is, French women aren’t born naturally slim and elegant. The untold secret of theirs is to make everything they do enjoyable – including losing weight.

Slim down the French way with dorra, the lower body slimming expert for women. Forget about crash diets, skipping meals and rigorous exercises to lose weight. At dorra, it’s all about being yourself and still getting weight loss results fast. You don’t even have to break a sweat (literally!) to get rid of the flabby belly fat or the jiggly, chunky thighs. How does that sound? We’re not sure about you but it’s definitely music to our ears!

No pills, no injections, no crash diets involved. Here’s how you can slim down effectively with dorra:

Dorra_Taking Measurements_069

Step 1: Detailed body fat composition analysis – An in-depth body composition analysis that reports your body’s toxin level, muscle mass, fat and water content.

Dorra_Meal Plan_092b

Step 2: One-on-one Consultation – To understand your daily eating habits and lifestyle so as to better devise a slimming treatment plan to suit your needs and busy schedule.

Dorra_Blue Spirit_009

Step 3: Customised Treatment – A slimming treatment (20 – 40 minutes) is then devised based on your unique set of fat problems and composition to effectively burn fat while toning and recontouring your body shape. Hooray to losing weight at the RIGHT places!


Step 4: Visible Results – You can expect up to 5cm loss off your tummy, hips and thighs in just 1 session!

Step 5: Consistent Monitoring – Coupled with a sensible meal plan, dorra’s professional consultant will also monitor your progress from the comfort of your home, helping you achieve the best weight loss results in the shortest time.

Not to worry if you’ve water retention, cellulite or other fat/weight concerns. The specially imported formulations and technologies from France promote efficient discharge of fat-cell content, detoxify and increase metabolism and reshape your lower body silhouette to perfection.

Here’s your chance to slim down in absolute comfort. Fuss free and no frills, expect visible CM loss with dorra! For a limited time only, NYLON Singapore readers are entitled to 1 Lower Body Slimming Treatment + 4-pc Exclusive Homecare Product Set (U.P: $368) absolutely free. The FIRST 50 to signup will get to enjoy an additional free slimming treatment!

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