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July 4, 2016

If you’ve been paying attention to American entertainment media recently, you’ll probably have heard about the broadway smash-hit Hamilton, based on the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. While the concept of the musical might sound pretty odd – I know I definitely raised an eyebrow when I heard about it – search up any song (or even the whole soundtrack on Spotify) and you’ll understand why it’s been met with phenomenal success. Drawing inspiration from the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton by historian Ron Chernow, Lin-Manuel Miranda has written, composed, and starred in one of the biggest game-changing broadway productions of all time. But you can read all about Hamilton‘s achievements on another day, because we’re here to discuss the man himself, and why he deserves to be your new Favourite Person.


1. He freestyle raps like no other.

Considering the mind-blowing, tongue-twisting raps of Hamilton, it’s hard to expect anything less from Miranda. Yet somehow, with each new video of him delivering a freestyle rap, I find myself with the urge to give a standing ovation of my own every time he’s done.


2. Seriously, it’s insane.

He didn’t even need to deliver a freestyle rap but he did it anyway all in the name of showbiz, and boy, are we grateful. Also, only he could make that costume and wig look dignified (sorry Stephen Colbert, still love you).


3. He cares about his country.

When news broke of Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, John Oliver was, of course, one of the first few hosts to disseminate the info to the public…with Miranda’s help, of course. As the son of Puerto-Rican immigrants, Miranda has spoken openly about how his background helped him identify with Alexander Hamilton as he was writing the musical (Hamilton was orphaned in the Carribean). His love for Puerto Rico is evident in the tone and delivery of his rap; it’s hard not to miss the desperation in his voice when he says “it’s just a hundred miles across”.


4. He knows how to move people with his words.

Following the horrifying massacre at the Pulse club in Orlando, Miranda delivered an undeniably moving speech about his life and the freedom to love, all in the style of a spoken word poem. Arguably one of the most memorable speeches of the night, the amount of thought and sincerity he delivers each time he receives an award are evident of his humility and love for others. As evident from his writing in his musicals, it’s clear that Miranda knows how to move audiences, and we’re glad that he’s using it to spread joy.


5. He did this at the Grammys, okay. The Grammys.

The prospect of delivering a spoken word poem/rap at the Grammys in front of music icons is undeniably terrifying, but that’s exactly how Lin-Manuel Miranda chose to deliver his acceptance speech alongside the cast, as they accepted the award for Best Musical Theatre Album. It’s hard not to love that boundless energy and excitement that radiates off him as he thanks those around him, although seeing the spectacular performance the cast put on, it’s evident how much they deserve the award.


6. He loves Theatre.

While he may have shot to worldwide fame with Hamilton – after already winning a Tony for his previous musical In The Heights – Miranda continuously exudes a hardworking, happy-go-lucky persona. Just watch him sing along to various songs with James Corden (and some very special guests). Whether it’s a track from Hamilton or another famous musical, the enthusiasm that he delivers these songs with seems to prove that, above everything else, he just loves Theatre.


7. We got to witness this amazing union of talent.

While we can all try to look as good as Emma Watson does as she “badly” beatboxes, this clip is probably one of the most precious videos on the internet. As part of International Women’s Day, Miranda joined forces with Watson, and we can’t deny how adorable everything turned out. You can watch the whole interview here.


8. He’s just an amazing person.


Featured Image: Hamilton’s Instagram.