pompom feature

July 18, 2016

You’re probably already familiar with these fuzzy little balls. Usually colourful, they’re really hard to miss, unless you’re wearing an even brighter outfit. With these pom poms, there’s a fine line between overdoing it and hitting the sweet spot of sporting an outfit that’s ridiculously adorable, and funky at the same time. These playful embellishments can be a great addition to your outfit, especially so if you want to nail that ultimate bohemian Coachella look (even if you’re not actually able to make it). We’ve wrapped up some fun ways pom poms can be incorporated in your daily outfit, without looking too gaudy or inappropriate.

1. Clothing

image1xxl jacket pom

Asos, $39.82. Pull&Bear, $79.90.

pom shirt hmprod

Zara, $69.90. H&M, $49.90.

These pom poms are playful adornments to an otherwise mundane and normal coordinate. A few of these colourful baubles would instantly brighten up your look, as well as your day. However, be sure not to overload on these pom poms, as you might risk looking like a piece of art, and not in a good way. Another great way to incorporate these into your look would be going for pieces with mono-colour pom poms (instead of colourful ones) for a subtle and more practical look.

2. Shoes

image1xxl (1) pompom zara

Asos, $39.82. Zara, $179.

We know, these look insane at first glance; but you’ll really appreciate how the colours add a unique spin to your shoes. And the best part – you could be wearing something really boring on top, but with these; you’ll look real snazzy.

3. Necklaces and bags

pompom necklace pom bag

Topshop, $36.90. Mango, $29.90.

pom bag image2xxl

Zara, $49.90. Boohoo on Asos, $44.24.

The key to pulling off accessories clad with these wild things would be to only let the accessories shine; so you can do so by playing with contrast – a monochromatic outfit would work well against these loud accessories. The key here is to not overload the colours, these accessories make a statement on their own.