July 8, 2016

The next time you head out to stock up on your trusty LANEIGE BB Cushion, you’ll need to look out for something that looks quite different from the BB Cushion we’ve become used to: gone is the white case, and in its place is this beauty of a case with a holographic cover that brings to mind the idea of “sparkling beauty”, which is what the brand embodies, and… perhaps unicorns and rainbows.

cushion cases

Wait till you open it up, though – the real surprise is on the inside. We’ve never seen the BB Cushion this way before: the surface of the cushion now features a pattern of pop-up diamond shapes, what the brand calls the 3D Skin Fit Cushion. The whole idea is to allow for a more even application, since this new cushion design feels a bit less bouncy, so it’s easier for the applicator puff to pick up a full coat of the product.

bb cushion open

This new cushion design will be found on the Whitening and Pore Control versions. The BB Cushion_Whitening uses the Sparkling Coat™ technology that features a coat of pearlescent particles to manipulate the light around your face, creating some serious glow, as well as micro-sized water particles for a dewy finish. It’s not just whitening on the skin surface, though – the formula also contains the Melacrusher™ technology from LANEIGE’s White Plus Renew skincare line to break down the membrane on melanin particles, the culprits behind skin discolouration and a dull complexion.

For something more shine-busting, the upgraded BB Cushion_Pore Control uses the Selective Oil-Balancing Powder™ to maintain a matte complexion, and the Pore Minisizing Technology, also borrowed from LANEIGE’s skincare products, to control sebum production. There’s also now the Cotton Candy Powder included among the ingredients – nothing sticky and sweet here, but rather, it helps keep the BB texture delightfully airy and porous, so your pores won’t be choked.

shades 1 shades 2 shades 3
10 neutral and cool shades to choose from!


We’re fortunate enough to already have given these new cushions a try, and we have to say there really is a marked difference as compared to the previous version. The 3D Skin Fit Cushion allows the applicator to pick up more product with each tap, so the coverage felt more substantial, while staying even. And as promised, it lasted through the day without showing signs of sweat and grime – a real feat, considering the weather these days.

We already know many people who swear by the LANEIGE BB Cushion, but we’re quite certain this major revamp will be winning over even more fans. If anything, who can resist that holographic packaging?


LANEIGE BB Cushion_Whitening and BB Cushion_Pore Control, $59 each. Now available at LANEIGE boutiques and counters.