Apple iOS10

August 22, 2016

Competition is fierce in today’s smartphone market. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 looks set to be the current frontrunner in the industry with its awesome features, but for now, Apple’s hitting back with the iOS 10, which they claim is their biggest software release yet.

According to prominent Apple writer John Gruber, the updates are “very practical”, with “common sense” the theme. So okay, things might not be revolutionary in a technological sense, but there are still plenty of cool features to look out for. We pick out our favourites below:

You can remove Apple’s built-in apps

If you find Apple’s built-in apps mundane, you can now remove them with the new iOS10 update. Just touch and hold the app till it jiggles, and tap remove. Voila, the built-in app is gone. Check out the full list of built-in apps you can remove here.

Apple Music is completely revamped

Apple iOS10 Music

Apple music hasn’t had much love since the rise of Spotify, but its interface is completely changed with the iOS10. Design-wise, it looks way cleaner (not to mention, cooler too).

The messages app is now great fun

Texting is no longer just typing sentences into speech bubbles any more, and Apple has recognized that fact by incorporating plenty of cool features in their messages app like new animations, cute stickers, and even “invisible ink”! You can also activate read receipts for certain people in the messages app. So if you want to remain private, it’s going to be even easier to do so now.

Your lockscreen is more useful

From weather updates to siri app suggestions, you can do a whole lot more stuff without unlocking your phone, simply because notifications on the lockscreen become a lot more detailed and interactive with the iOS10.

The photos app is new and improved

Apple Photo App iOS10

By new and improved, we mean crazily good at sorting photos. The improved app is now a super file arranger, and it can now discern between different places, activities, and even faces. There’s even a ‘mini’ search bar to boot!

There’s a spammer alert function

Needless to say, this is THE one function that everyone will appreciate. There’s no doubt about that.

Answering calls from services like Skype or Whatsapp is more convenient

Oh the annoyance when people call you with Whatsapp and you’ve got to manually unlock your phone. The trouble. Now all that will be gone with Apple’s iOS10 update. All you need to do now is slide to answer the call. This works for services like Skype too.

A new Home app allows you to sync with home appliances

Apple Home App iOS10

Say goodbye to manually turning on the lights, or unlocking your front door.

Your iPhone can now remember where you parked

Sometimes, we worry if we’re getting a little too dependent on technology. But hey, at least there’s no forgetting where our car is now.

One thing we do not like

The “Slide to Unlock” function will be gone. It just doesn’t make sense to remove it, even if many people use the TouchID fingerprint sensor, because there’s really no harm in having an additional unlocking option after all.

Public betas are now available. The final version of the iOS10 will arrive with the iPhone 7. Visit Apple’s website at