August 12, 2016

Not convinced that mirror-less cameras are the way to go? Well, you might just change your mind with FUJIFILM’s latest creation – the X-T2. Perfect for budding photographers or seasoned pros, this easy-to-use, slick-looking shooter has plenty of awesome features that possibly makes it one of THE cameras to get this year. Here are nine of our favourite features:

All the dials are perfect 


We cannot stress how important it is for a camera to have great dials, and with the X-T2, there are dedicated dials for setting functions like ISO, shutter speed or exposure compensation. Not to mention, it looks pretty swanky as well.

The camera body is fully metal

Good riddance to cheap imported plastic bodies. This baby’s made of solid magnesium alloy. In addition to looking good, it feels good, especially when you hold it in both hands.

It has awesome autofocus

The major difference between the X-T2 and DSLRS is that when you shoot with the X-T2, you’re more likely to get impressive sharpness and great exposure most of the time. This is ideal for photography enthusiasts who are just starting out.

Colour Reproduction is top-notch


You can put this down to the 24.3-megapixel X-Trans CMOS III, which is basically an APS-C sensor that has no low-pass filter boasting. There’s also the X-Processor Pro high-speed image-processing engine, which ensures the colours and tones in your photos and videos are always great quality.

Count in 4k Video

That’s right, the X-T2 is capable of churning out impeccable 4K resolution videos, and amateur directors can also use the film simulation modes available, eliminating the need to colour grade in post-production! In addition, there’s also audio volume live monitoring and a 3.5mm microphone socket. 

There’s a Power Booster Grip          

One of the X-T2’s major selling points is its ‘Power Booster Grip’, which is essentially a vertical battery grip that carries an additional two batteries. Those moments where you spotted something really cool, but ran out of battery to shoot it, won’t happen again, you can count on that. The grip also enhances the X-T2’s maximum continuous shooting rate, as well as increasing video recording time to 30 minutes.

The LCD screen is pretty sweet


Need to take those really difficult flat-lay shots for Instagram? No worries. The X-T2 has got you covered with its rotating LCD screen that moves up and down with ease. It can even tilt out to the right if you’re attempting those really tricky shots in tight spaces.

It’s weather resistant 

Thanks to its magnesium alloy body, the X-T2 is extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions, and can even operate in temperatures down to -10°C!

You can’t forget Wireless Communication

With the X-T2, transferring photos to your smartphone or tablet is extremely simple. All you’ve got to do is download FUJIFILM’s free “Camera Remote” app, and voila, your beautiful pictures will be in the images gallery, waiting to be sent over to family or friends, or posted on social media. 

And it’s a just pretty cool camera at the end of the day.


There’s no denying it. FUJIFILM’s latest mirror-less camera creation is definitely on point, both in terms of features and aesthetics. Plus, it just really looks super cool too.

The FUJIFILM X-T2 is retailing at $2599 (with 18-55mm kit lens) and is available from 8 September onwards. Local availability has yet to be announced.

Click here to visit FUJIFILM’s website.