August 12, 2016

Lets face it – we’ve all indulged in our guilty pleasure and spent our Friday nights binge watching seasons of Project Runway before. No? Really? Well, we still can’t deny how ridiculously entertaining it is to watch designers manoeuvre around materials such as newspaper and candy to create ravishing avant-garde looks. As we brace ourselves for the upcoming 15th season dropping next month, we’re revisiting our top favourite looks from past seasons’ designers. Somehow, we remember every episode from the past 14 seasons rather clearly. We all deserve a drink.

Michelle Lesniak – The Dress We’d Kill To Own



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The winner of season 11 surely deserved her title. We like to be reminded of the fact that this was designed 3 years ago, and is, by some means, still relevant today. Lesniak played to her strengths in leather manipulation and integration of textiles in this strong opening piece of her winning collection. We want to know how Lesniak might have predicted the comeback of colour-blocking and bishop sleeves in 2016. Seriously, does anyone have a clue?


Irina Shabayeva – The Newspaper Coat


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Ah yes, who can forget? Shabayeva’s iconic coat made entirely out of newspaper. Newspapers are tough – we can’t even get through the first few pages without it crumpling or suffering some minor folds and tears. We can’t fathom how the designer could have crafted such sleek lines and the juxtaposition of the ‘fur collar’s convolution with our daily read. Extending a solid kudos to Shabayeva for such fine attention to detail and craftsmanship just isn’t enough to cut it.


Christian Siriano & Chris March – The Wearable Art Sculpture



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When Christian Siriano guided his partner in this challenge to create one of the most unforgettable pieces of the show since it started running, we were practically convinced that the future multi-millionaire was going to be crowned the winner (we were right) of season 4. The Elizabethan-inspired gown towered (literally) over our expectations of what the term avant-garde should mean, and remains as one of the top-notch creations the show has ever seen. This look belongs in a museum, we’ll gladly pay to ogle at this for hours.


Sean Kelly – The Rain Dress


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When Sean Kelly quick-wittedly sew pockets of red and yellow dye into the seams of his dress (Which would run in contact with water. Duh, it’s dye.), it practically took over our social media platform for weeks. You don’t have to be a fan to have seen the video of this glorious transformation of – what used to be – a sweet white dress right on the runway itself. Kelly took the challenge, which was to design a dress that would withstand stipulated pouring rain on the runway, up a notch with this calculated challenge of embracing the circumstances instead of fighting it. Done, and done … Sorry contestants, the title of season 13’s winner already belonged to Sean Kelly after this amazing feat.


Anya Young-Chee – The Islander’s Essential


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The first look of Anya’s winning collection in season 9’s finale reminded us of where we wish we could be at this instant – a tropical paradise. This fresh resort outfit harnesses Anya’s love for prints and island aesthetics successfully, effusing total beach goddess vibes. The risqué neckline seemed to work its magic here, giving the otherwise modest dress a sultry punch. And don’t get us started on that beautiful watercolour print which resembles a sub-aquatic spectacle. You can’t possibly put a price on this; but if you did, we’ll definitely be the first to bid.

All photos from Instagram.