August 24, 2016

Dior took the guest list for their 2017 Cruise show, and ushered them aboard a literal cruise through England. Carrying A-listers such as Elizabeth Olsen, Bella Hadid and Kate Mara from London to Blenheim Palace where the Cruise 2017 collection was debuted, the Paris-based house basically outfitted an entire train in classic Dior fashion; with decadence and style.

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We can’t seem to ever look at SMRT carriages the same way again after this. And you know we’re not exactly over-exaggerating, especially since we’re talking about an hour long voyage of champagne-sippin’, artisanal meals, and a lush environment which BEGS to be Instagrammed.

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The Dior Express was decked out in plush brocade chairs, ornate fine china, and matching  rosy mauve decor. We love the fact that even the conductors were full-on dressed head-to-toe in Dior. Dior sure knows how to pack a punch in everything luxurious!

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Ah, what we would give in order to trade up the daily sweaty morning commute for a ride to work in the Dior Express everyday. But for now, managing to get a seat on an empty train may just be our own form of ‘luxury’ (and we’ll try to be okay with that).

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