Baby Lion & Tiger

August 29, 2016

As far as friendships go, this has to be amongst the sweetest of them of all. Born in Japan’s Oita Prefecture African Safari Park, a pair of newborn lion and tiger cubs have become best friends, taking over the Japanese social media world by storm.

We’re not too surprised though. After all, there is nothing more heartwarming than seeing two cute animals hugging each other, taking naps together or just hanging out side by side. Besides, lions and tigers are better known for deadly adult versions anyway, it’s nice to see them all fuzzy and cuddly for a change.

However, we won’t be seeing these two together for long. According to, the baby lion and tiger’s time together is limited, and they’ll be separated eventually. Bummer. Thankfully, park visitors can enjoy the sight of these furry critters running around and playing with each other for now!

Here are our favourite pictures of the delightful duo:

The African Safari is located at Japan 〒872-0722 Oita Prefecture, Usa, 安心院町南畑2−1755−1. Visit their official website at

All pictures taken from @africansafari1 on Twitter.