August 29, 2016

It finally happened. Beyonce released a range of lemon-themed merchandise last week based off her recent album, and we felt as if life has once again restored its meaning. We ain’t thinking bout’ you, but we sure got these bad boys on our mind (and we probably will until the end of time unless we somehow manage to get our hands on these).


Boy Bye Bodysuit, USD 50.


Boy Bye Cropped Sweater, USD 58.


F.T.Y Crewneck Sweater, USD 60.


Beyonce Lemon Iphone 6 Case, USD 25.


Beyonce Hold Up Iphone 6 Case, USD 25.


Boy Bye Tote Bag, USD 30.

We’re seeing dad hats, vests, IPhone cases with the phrase “Hold Up” – okay it’s no longer funny, we really need one of that – and totes. We can already picture ourselves rocking the uber cute cropped sweatshirt of bodysuit which holds the phrase “Boy Bye” (made famous in Queen B’s earworm “Sorry”). These quirky goodies are a perfect reflection of Beyonce’s cheeky personality, and we’re placing our bets on the fact these will outsell Kanye’s Life Of Pablo tees on any given day. Try us.

Beyonce Lemonade merchandise, USD25 – USD60; available at