August 25, 2016

You know a cafe means business when it’s listed as every tourist’s must-try food heaven in a country. Greyhound Café, the famous lifestyle and fashion cafe in Bangkok, is opening its doors to Singaporeans with the opening of it’s first store in Paragon this coming November.



With its carefree artistic approach to dining, we’re expecting to see chic and modernistic furnishings paired with Instagram-worthy murals on walls. We’ve heard about the waiters and waitresses being decked out in specially designed uniforms, adding on to the true-blue artsy fartsy atmosphere the cafe’s renowned for. With all that said, the spotlight still falls on the food. The Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings and Deep fried Crab with Seafood are crowd favourites, and we’re excited to try these fusion delicacies. Consider this the next time you go cafe hopping!


Images from Cover image from @greyhoundcafe’s Instagram.