Here’s How You Can Make Espresso On-The-Go

If you’re the sort of person who can’t do without caffeine (and you need a solid cuppa joe every now and then), well, we have good news for you. With the Handpresso Pump – a portable coffee-making device that allows you to make espresso on-the-go – you’ll never have to worry about finding a barista again.

Handpresso Coffee Machine

So how does the Handpresso Pump work? Basically, it pressurises air in order to drive hot water through grounded coffee. It’s shaped like a bicycle pump, and works similar to one too – you need to manually pump the air yourself. After a few pumps, just pour the coffee out, and you’re good to go! Due to its petite frame, the Handpresso Pump is great for carrying around, whether you’re hiking, camping, or just plain old commuting on the bus.

The catch? The capsule holds a very limited amount of hot water, and you’d probably be able to make only one cup for yourself, unless you bring an additional flask along with you of course. On the plus side, the device requires no batteries or electricity, so it’s eco-friendly that’s for sure. And if you’re too lazy to do the pumping yourself, there’s still the Handpresso Auto to go for, which is basically a coffee machine that can be plugged into your car’s 12v socket.
Handpresso Auto

It may not be a new invention (the Handpresso has been around for a few years already) but whatever the case may be; there’s no denying that it’s still quite the revolutionary product. Besides, it’s a great idea for a birthday or Christmas gift if you ever need one.
The full set of Handpresso coffee-making devices are available online at
All images taken from Handpresso’s Facebook and YouTube.